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E! News Co-Host Exclaims Obama is 'The Coolest Guy in the World!'

It seems fitting that someone paid to cover celebrities would freak out over meeting the “celebrity President” and that’s precisely what E! News co-host Terrence J did when he told Arsenio Hall, ...
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Arsenio Sideswipes Fox for Spelling Error: 'When Does Fox News Ever Get Anything Right?'

On Wednesday’s edition of the Arsenio Hall Show, the host mocked Fox News for a graphics error and slammed: “Then again when does Fox News ever get anything right?”
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NBC's Brian Williams Apologizes to Arsenio Hall

It’s funny how quickly liberals are willing to apologize when one of their own is upset with them. On Wednesday’s Nightly News NBC’s Brian Williams said he was sorry to Arsenio Hall for leaving ...
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Things That Make You Go Hmm: Arsenio Calls Out Brian Williams for Forgetting About the Black Host

Liberal reporters, particularly those at MSNBC, are quick to accuse conservatives of racism when it doesn’t exist so it’s particularly amusing when they’re accused of it themselves. Arsenio Hall, ...
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