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Gail Collins Rips GOP for Sexual Hypocrisy, Lauds 'How Much Everybody Loves Bill Clinton'

Gail Collins talks Schwarzenegger's love child on Rachel Maddow's show: "...there are people, a lot of people in the country who not only have very strong, you know, family values, but believe ...

Eliot Spitzer Avoided Coverage of Schwarzenegger Scandal Although CNN Reported It Every Other Hour Tuesday Evening

Every hour but one of CNN's Tuesday evening news coverage featured at least a mention of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's marital infidelity. Guess which anchor backed away from ...

Clinton Spinners Carville and Stephanopoulos Slam Schwarzenegger's 'Risky' Personal Life

With a supreme lack of irony or self-awareness, former Clinton operatives George Stephanopoulos and James Carville on Tuesday chided the "amazing" revelation that Arnold Schwarzenegger had an ...

Losing Your Head at the Supreme Court

If video-game makers have their way, the Constitution will protect the right of grade-school kids to graphically rip off the heads of people on Sony's PlayStation 3.

A Friendly Curtain Call for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Disappointing Republican Governor

Reporter Jennifer Stienhauer cheers on California liberal Republican governor: "Mr. Schwarzenegger's accomplishments - particularly as a Republican in an ever-blue state - have been significant, ...

CBS's Smith to Schwarzenegger: Can GOP 'Exist Without Moderates'?

Speaking to California Governor Arnold Schwarzengger on Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith noted the success of the tea party movement, but spun it as a negative for the Republican ...

An Empty 'Republican Trophy Case' for Obama Care

The overexcitable reporter David Herszenhorn is still seeing Obama triumphs on health care, including a purported "Republican chorus for health care" that's actually sounding some pretty flat notes.

ABC's Cuomo: Is 'Reckless' GOP Putting Americans at 'Risk'?

On Wednesday's GMA, ABC's Chris Cuomo suggested Republicans are putting Americans at "risk" by opposing President Obama's big government health care plan. Cuomo sought validation from liberal ...

LA Times Columnist Perturbed Californians Reject Higher Taxes

Michael Hiltzik claims state's citizens have been lied to: 'most onerous lie' that Cali's tax burden is highest in the nation.

ABC Regrets California's 'Unwillingness to Raise Taxes'

A Tuesday story on ABC's World News, which ignored soaring state spending, reflected frustration with California voters for the anticipated rejection of ballot initiatives to raise taxes as ...
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