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MediaWatch: April 1992

House Bank: Networks Miss Plenty; NewsBites: A Book Gone Wrong; Revolving Door: Fox Guarding the Democratic Coop; TV, Magazines Avoid Covering Clinton Finances; Reporters Take Cue from Left-Wing ...

Notable Quotables - 04/15/1991

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MediaWatch: April 1991

Gumbel's Morning Gospel; NewsBites: Telling McGrory's Story; Revolving Door: Two Times A Nader; CBS Claims Millions of Kids Almost Starving; Address Dismisses Conservatives, Iraq War Victory; ...

Notable Quotables - 04/30/1990

Notable Quotables - 04/16/1990

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MediaWatch: April 1990

Tags Not Planted On Green Groups; NewsBites: All for Advocacy; Revolving Door: New Investigators; NBC Refuses to Learn From Nicaragua; Networks Miss Another Election; State Department Attacks; ...

Notable Quotables - 04/17/1989

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MediaWatch: April 1989

Analysis: Koppel on Television and Morality; NewsBites: CBS Spikes Pro-Life; Revolving Door: New to U.S. News; Reporters First, Americans Second; Leftist Reporter Given PBS Show; Hopeful vs. ...
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MediaWatch: April 1988

Study: Ducking Jackson's Left-Wing Views; NewsBites: April Fools;Revolving Door; Honduran Diversion; Janet Cooke Award: TBS:"Portrait of the Soviet Union"
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