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Sweeping Awards for Silly Commentary, NYT Finds 'Feminine Repression' in Aprons and Obama in 'Lincoln' Film

Really? Times fashion reporter Eric Lipton: "It was shocking in a way to see fashion like the dress worn by Anne Hathaway. Her last-moment choice was a pale pink dress that appeared to have ...

Manohla Dargis Ruins Another Summer Movie Season, Laments 'the Symbolic Phallus'

Manohla Dargis gets embarrassingly feminist and Freudian describing a scene in a new Western: "I just don't believe that scene where her character pulls out a rifle to protect the wagon train's ...

An Inconvenient Followup - NYT Loved Director's Al Gore Apocalypse Movie, But Finds 'Waiting for Superman' Exaggerated

The Times loved director Davis Guggenheim's Al Gore jeremiad "An Inconvenient Truth," with the Times' chief movie critic calling it "a necessary movie." But Trip Gabriel found early detractors for ...

'Robin Hood,' the First Tea Partier? So Says Politics-Obsessed Critic A. O. Scott

Times' politics-obsessed movie critic A.O. Scott finds parallels between the "manly libertarian rebel" that is the hero of "Robin Hood" and the Tea Party movement. Scott also again rides to how ...

Anti-Military Paranoid Piece 'Green Zone' Hailed by Top Times Movie Critic A.O. Scott

Michael Moore fan and Times movie critic A.O. Scott finds a left-wing fantasist version of the Iraq War featuring murderous U.S. soldiers and top brass an impressive sense of scruples. They have ...

Plugging Euro-Style Health Care in the Movie Section

The paper's liberal chief movie critic plugs the French way of life.

NYT's Movie Critic: Bush Years "One Long, Dumb, Dirty Joke"

Chief movie critic A.O. Scott: "If you think the last seven years have been one long, dumb, dirty joke - or maybe if, sometimes, you just wish you could believe as much - then 'Harold & Kumar ...

Liberal Critic Recommends Anti-War Doc to Bush-Cheney

Chief movie critic A.O. Scott gives a big thumbs-up to an anti-war documentary, recommending it to the White House: "One can only hope that one of these days they'll get around to watching it."

NYT Movie Critic Praises "Sicko," Wonders About Lack of "Social Welfare" in U.S.

A.O. Scott called Michael Moore "a credit to the Republic" after "Fahrenheit 9-11" and thinks "Sicko" is his "funniest," "most broadly appealing" film yet.

NY Times Movie Reviewer Ignores Evidence about Effects of Media Violence

Scott irresponsibly ignores decades of social science studies that show a direct correlation between the consumption of violent media (movies, television, video games, and music) and increases in ...
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