Matthews: Republicans Putting Pins in Kagan Like She's a Voodoo Doll

From the morning to the evening Chris Matthews, during MSNBC's coverage of Elena Kagan's hearing on Monday, berated what he saw as GOP mistreatment of Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee, calling ...

Jill Abramson Still Angry at Congress for Treatment of Anita Hill

Jill Abramson, who cowrote an anti-Clarence Thomas book, uses the Sotomayor hearings to attack the "harshly prosecutorial questioning," "questions about pornographic movies", and suggestions of ...

Biden Not Tough Enough on Thomas, Not Nice Enough to Anita Hill?

Editor Kate Phillips: "[Biden] was widely criticized by liberal legal advocates and women's groups as having mismanaged the allegations of sexual harassment made by Ms. Hill against her former ...

Meeting Anita Hill in the Sports Section

Only liberals find sexual harassment lawsuits inspiring: "Browne Sanders inspires many by winning a lawsuit."

Times Doubts "Angry" Clarence Thomas Can Be Impartial

Clarence Thomas's "anger" over his confirmation means he can't judge ACLU cases objectively - but former ACLU lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg can?

60 Minutes Changes Tune on Thomas

The CBS news magazine treats the conservative black Supreme Court Justice with unprecedented respect, in contrast to Thomas's Senate confirmation hearings
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