CNN's Cooper Brings on Sharpton on Limbaugh: NFL Needs 'Standards'

CNN's Anderson Cooper brought on Rev. Al Sharpton- a person with an actual racially-divisive past- on his program on Monday to expound on his argument that Rush Limbaugh is "divisive" and even ...

Late Term Abortion Doctor starts his Movement on CNN

Anderson Cooper gives abortionist Carhart an unopposed megaphone.

CNN's Anderson Cooper: Is Cheney 'Emboldening Our Enemies?'

Anderson Cooper grilled Dick Cheney's daughter Liz on his CNN program on Thursday evening about her father's defense of Bush's anti-terror tactics. He asked: 'Is it appropriate, though, for your ...

CNN's Cooper Sorry about 'Teabagging' Comments from April 15 Show

Host tells audience at UCLA using the double entendre is something he 'regrets' and did not intend to disparage their right to protest.

'Views' from the Left

Time honors ABC's chat-fest; Walters admits liberal thought rules.

Media Hails Senate Confirmation of Health Secretary to Combat Swine Flu; Downplays to Her Late-Term Abortion Support

Media ignores Homeland Security's lead role responding to virus, maintains Sebelius needed combat it.

Media Help Activists in Aggressive Push to Embrace Homosexuality

Outlets act as gay voice on Day of Silence; gloss over LGBT attacks on people who believe differently.

Like It or Not,"We Are All Socialists Now"

Vol. 22; No. 4

CNN's 'AC360' Highlights Obama Waffling on Jobs

Ed Henry says President moved 'goal post' for job creation again.
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