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Anderson Cooper Bashes Santorum by Recycling Supposedly Racial Remark

On the campaign trail, Republican candidate Rick Santorum blurted out a word that sounded like "black" and was widely-criticized for making a generalization that black citizens rely on welfare. ...

Anderson Cooper Again Hits GOP With 'Keeping Them Honest' Report

As the Media Research Center has documented, CNN's Anderson Cooper has been targeting Republicans far more than Democrats with critical "Keeping Them Honest" investigative reports ' and Cooper ...
Media Research Center

CNN 'Moderator' Finds GOP Eight Times as Dishonest as Democrats?

MRC Study: Anderson Cooper's "Keeping Them Honest" segments have tilted 24 to 3 against Republicans since July, and 45 to 13 in 2011.

CNN's Cooper Attacks Increasingly Popular Herman Cain with 'Keeping Them Honest' Segment

At the top of Thursday's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN's Cooper ran his first critical "Keeping Them Honest" segment on GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain since he is "no longer a voice on the fringe."

For Anderson Cooper, Gay Rights Trumps the Economy on Monday's Coverage of GOP Candidates

CNN's own poll recently showed that voters 60-to-one believe the economy is the most pressing issue facing the United States, as opposed to policies toward gays and lesbians. CNN's Anderson Cooper ...

CNN's Don Lemon Asks If Obama Should Run as Conservative in 2012

Channeling liberal disenchantment with President Obama, CNN anchor Don Lemon wondered Monday if the President would be "better off running as a conservative" in the next election.

Anderson Cooper Cherry Picks Poll Info to Disgrace Republicans

In a critical "Keeping Them Honest" segment Wednesday night, CNN's Anderson Cooper selectively reported findings from his network's own poll to bolster his argument that Republicans are ...

CNN's Cooper, Borger Rhapsodize On 'Adult' Obama Who 'Did Not Raise Taxes'

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Gloria Borger took turns casting President Barack Obama as the centrist 'adult' in a room teeming with unruly Republican children who would rather invite economic ...

CNN Gives Maher Platform to Accuse GOP Candidates of 'Horrible Society-Killing Ideas,' Call Cheney 'More Psychotic' Than Weiner

The night after CNN's debate with seven Republican presidential candidates, Anderson Cooper brought aboard left-wing "comedian" Bill Maher to ridicule them. Asked if he "had to vote" for one of ...

ABC's Banfield on CNN: 'I'm Not Going to Cast Aspersions' on Rosen

n Wednesday's AC360 on CNN, ABC's Ashleigh Banfield punted on Nir Rosen's offensive Tweets against CBS's Lara Logan and tried to explain them away: "We're using a lot of electronics to get ...
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