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CNN's Velshi Attacks Bobby Jindal, GOP 'Weird Math' and 'Balanced Budget Nonsense'

Responding to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) on Monday, CNN's chief business correspondent slammed GOP "weird math" and "balanced budget nonsense" on the sequestration. "And it's this ...
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CNN on Obama's Treasury Secretary Picks: 'Perfect' If Wall St. Hates Them, Good If Wall St. Likes Them

CNN had a friendly take on President Obama's Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew, despite the pick receiving sharp criticism from conservative circles. "He's definitely the guy for the next ...
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CNN's Velshi Calls Out Rush Limbaugh, Lectures Him on Debt Ceiling

CNN's Ali Velshi struck back at talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday, lecturing him on the debt ceiling after Limbaugh had hit Velshi as a "low-information reporter." Velshi maintained ...
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CNN's 'Objective' Ali Velshi Anything But While Hammering Republicans Over Fiscal Cliff

CNN reporter Ali Velshi thrashed Republicans and conservatives during last week's fiscal cliff negotiations. In what became a tired liberal rant, Velshi paddled House Republicans for not ...
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CNN Anchors Slam 'Murderous' NRA During Press Conference

CNN reporters castigated the NRA on Twitter during the organization's Friday press conference. Piers Morgan went so far as to blame future mass school shootings on the organization. "Coming ...
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The Media vs. Anti-Tax Hike Conservatives

Unelected reporters sneer at anti-tax hike conservative Grover Norquist -- "He is neither elected nor has he ever run for office, so why is Washington so scared of him?" -- and the pledge against ...
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Media Join Left-Wing Assault on Grover Norquist

Man the left called an ‘anti-tax jihadist’ garners media attention over GOP ‘mutiny,’ after earlier left-wing attacks on him.
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CNN's Velshi Calls Grover Norquist a 'Dangerous Man'

CNN's Ali Velshi on Friday afternoon labeled anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist a "dangerous man" for blocking a fiscal cliff compromise between Democrats and Republicans. "Hey, speaking of the ...
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On CNN, Elizabeth Warren Is a 'Reformer'; Michele Bachmann a 'Wing-Nut'

During the 5 a.m. hour of Wedesday's Early Start, CNN's Soledad O'Brien lauded Democratic Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren as a "reformer, that's what she ran on," and Ali Velshi chimed in saying ...
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CNN's Velshi: Opponents of Auto Bailout 'Kind of Have Egg on Their Faces'

Despite the cost of the auto bailout to taxpayers, CNN hailed the subsequent resurfacing of GM as a "pretty amazing" feat and took a jab at the original opponents of the bailout, which ...
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