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MRC's Bozell to appear on Fox News' 'The Kelly File' at 9:40pm ET


Disgraced Anchor Dan Rather Names Abu Ghraib 'Startling Scoop' of the Decade

Writing for Newsweek magazine's feature on the top ten "startling scoops" of the past ten years, ex-CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather identified the most shocking: "Abu Ghraib has opened our ...

Politically Correct Movie Critic Likens New Comedy to Abu Ghraib

Gee whiz, it's only a movie: "If you thought Abu Ghraib was a laugh riot then you might love 'Observe and Report,'....Like the pettiest of dictators, [main character] Ronnie preys on the weak in ...

CACI's London Makes Strong Defense of 'Good Name'

Account from technology firm shows businesses can take a stand against bad reporting and flourish.

The Times Finds Anti-Bush Discontent in...NBC's Hit "Heroes"

"Nowadays, many dramas obliquely echo the public's disenchantment with their government after Abu Ghraib and the quagmire in Iraq."
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