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Networks Ignore Touching Story of 'Bucket-List Baby' and Parents

ABC, CBS, and NBC punted on covering the poignant "bucket list" created by Jenna and Dan Haley for their son, Shane, who developed in his mother's womb with a major genetic defect. Shane Haley was ...
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Media Hype! “Internet’s First Abortion Class”

 The Daily Beast, Think Progress, Medical Daily celebrate abortion.
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Chuck Todd: GOP Doesn't Like Regulation Unless It's On Abortion Clinics

While interrogating Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, host Chuck Todd spat out a nasty attack line against the GOP regarding a new Texas law ...
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USCCB Initiates ‘Respect Life Month’ Oct. 5

Cardinal O’Malley announces the event.
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Feminists Demand TV Agit-Prop

Fox star Mindy Kaling committed a gaffe among the Hollywood Left by telling a Flare magazine interviewer she had no plans to address what the magazine called “the American right’s current war ...
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Colbert joke! ‘Abortion’ is a ‘Funny Word’ – like ‘Guacamole’

Colbert discusses abortion with star Mindy Kaling.
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Lena Dunham Jokes about Aborting Royal Baby

Some Joke.
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GMA Lobs Softballs At Wendy Davis During Promotional Interview

Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat who is currently running to replace Rick Perry as the state’s next governor, spoke with Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts for an interview that aired on ...
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Lib Fems: Abortion ‘A Perfect Topic’ for Sit-Coms

When feminists attack: Mindy Kaling calls discussing abortion ‘in half-hour sitcom’ ‘demeaning.’
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Five Policy Positions to Drive Him Wild! Cosmo Will Endorse Candidates

Abortion a ‘Deal Breaker.’
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