The Shameless Abortion Carnival

The media were fascinated by a woman discussing her chemical abortion - as it happened - on Twitter and YouTube. But it wasn't worthy of debate, just praise.

Kyra Phillips Conducts Softball Interview of Woman Who Tweeted Abortion

On Monday's Newsroom, CNN's Kyra Phillips sympathetically interviewed a woman who unapologetically Tweeted her chemically-induced abortion as it happened. Instead of offering the pro-life ...

CNN Blog Attacks Black Pro-Lifers, Continues Liberal Trend

The Anderson Cooper 360 blog on CNN.com capped a leftward trend during the week of March 1 with a post on Friday from Obama supporter Tanya Acker, who accused pro-life activists of "racial ...

George Stephanopoulos Frets Over Bart Stupak and His 'Mutiny' Over Health Care

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Thursday put the responsibility for passing health care on the shoulders of the pro-life Bart Stupak, worrying that the Congressman is "now ...

Double Standard: NPR Applies Varying Terminology on Gun Rights vs. Abortion

Cato analysis finds NPR readily calls Second Amendment rights advocates 'gun advocates' but has seldom used the same jargon for abortion, pornography.

A Saturday Shocker: Space for Black Pro-Lifers

The Times gave front-page space to the black "abortion foes" and their "conspiracy theories" on a higher black abortion rate, but reporter Shaila Dewan deployed "scholars" (on the Planned ...

Washington Post Profiles Abortion Doctor Helping 'Meet Need' in South Dakota

Abortion provider Carol Ball shares her difficulties, criticizes pro-life protesters, declares 'We're right and they're wrong.'

NBC's 'SVU:' Abortion Debate Boils Down to 'Pro-Choice or No Choice'

Case of murdered abortionist focused on profession as likely motive – with pro-lifers the likely culprit.

New Pseudo-Reality Show Lets Viewers Vote for Abortions

Abortion as entertainment?

Tim Tebow Takes a Stand

A college football star's Super Bowl ad - an ultra-positive story celebrating a mother who kept her baby - has spurred urgent censorship demands from the left.
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