Liz Cheney vs. O'Donnell: ABC's Chris Cuomo Moderates Fiery Debate on Torture

Good Morning America on Friday featured something that has become rare on morning shows, an actual philosophical debate between a strong conservative and a vocal liberal. Liz Cheney engaged in a ...

ABC Touts George Soros as a Superhero; Ted Turner Is Superman?

George Soros is a superhero along the lines of Batman and Superman? That's the comparison ABC's John Berman made on Thursday's Good Morning America. He was reporting on a closed door meeting of ...

NBC's 'Today': Not Fair to Pit Deeply Disliked Cheney Against Popular Obama

NBC reporter Chuck Todd on Thursday's Today spun the dueling speeches of President Barack Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney as not "a fair fight." He proclaimed: "Our latest poll ...

Media Let Culture Wars Cloud 'American Idol' Win

Networks and print usually love tales of underdogs – unless they're heterosexual Christian underdogs.

Gibson: 'We Have Terrorists in U.S. Prisons, So Why Not the Guys from Guantanamo?'

ABC, CBS and NBC all led Wednesday night with the Senate's overwhelming 90 to 6 bi-partisan vote to withhold funding for the closing of Guantanamo and block any detainees from being moved to the ...

ABC's Diane Sawyer Pleads for European-style Gas Tax

Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer on Tuesday aggressively lobbied for the Obama administration to install a European-style gas tax on the United States. Talking to Carol Browner, Assistant to ...

Networks Lead the Cheer for Obama's Notre Dame Address

On abortion, he talked a good game, and that was enough for reporters.
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Cheerleaders for the Revolution

Network Coverage of Barack Obama's First 100 Days

Networks Tell One Side of Health Care Story: Obama's

Reports on president's meeting with health care industry and potential 'reform' leave out critics, free-market solutions.
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