ABC Links Health Care Town Hall Protesters to Hate Groups

ABC News correspondent Brian Ross tried to connect the health care town hall protesters to hate groups on Friday's GMA. Ross cited the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose left-wing political ...

CBS Silent on Clinton Comparing Bush v. Gore to Massive Corruption in Africa

Of the three major networks, only CBS has managed, thus far, to ignore controversial comments from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that compared America's disputed election in 2000 to political ...

ABC's David Wright Spins for Obama With Lefty Health Care 'Fact Check'

On Tuesday's World News, for the second day in a row, ABC delivered a "fact check" on the health care bill, offering up perspectives sympathetic to the sweeping legislation. Confusing opinions for ...

ABC's Kate Snow Shifts Course; Notes GOP Opposition in Story on End-of-life Care

ABC's Kate Snow, who early on Monday couldn't find time to show any Republican opposition to a controversial provision in the health care plan, reversed course on World News and briefly ...

ABC Decries 'Shouting'' and 'Screaming' in One-sided Story on End-of-life Care

ABC's Good Morning America on Monday presented an extremely one-sided take on the controversial end-of-life provisions in the health care bill, decrying all the "screaming" and "shouting" at town ...

White House Official Still Contradicts Obama's Statements on Health Care

Former ABC journalist Linda Douglass claims president's earlier comments about single-payer health care plan taken out of context.

ABC's Nightline Celebrates Sotomayor's 'Jackie Robinson Moment'

ABC's "Nightline" on Thursday celebrated Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation to the Supreme Court as a "Jackie Robinson moment" and also highlighted cheering crowds at an event put on by the left-wing ...

Behar: Dolls 'Programming' Tool for Young Girls

Of all the arguments against a breastfeeding doll, the 'View' panelist goes for feminism.

A Kidnapped Fetus?

A baby that first saw the light of day in such a foul and violent fashion deserves better than to be described merely a fetus.
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