ABC Acts as Gay Rights Soapbox for Ellen DeGeneres' Wife

Actress Portia de Rossi turns TV show promotion into push for homosexual agenda.

ABC and NBC Grill Obama Official On Security Breach, CBS Takes A Pass

While ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today questioned Obama White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett on the breach of security at last week's state dinner, her appearance was conspicuously ...

The Left's Climategate: A Scandal for Journalism, Too

For Decades, the Media Chose to Champion, Not Scrutinize, Claims of Global Warming Alarmists

Networks Briefly Note Dem Mayor's Conviction, Yet Ignored Her Trial

Imagine if you will that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was accused of taking gift cards donated to her office for redistribution to needy constituents and using them instead for a personal ...

Networks Promote Season of Giving

Broadcast networks encourage charity during November.

ABC's Sawyer Hits Gibbs from Left: This is the Last Time You'll Ask for Troops, Right?

Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer on Tuesday badgered Robert Gibbs from the left, quizzing the White House press secretary about Democratic resistance to a troop surge in Afghanistan. She ...

ABC's David Wright Slams 'Fancy' Sarah Palin for 'Traveling in Style,' Flying on Private Jet

ABC's David Wright again attacked Sarah Palin on Tuesday, slamming her for using a private jet for her book tour. On Good Morning America, he sniped, "But, while her fans camped out in the bitter ...

Actress Playing Alien Leader Would 'Love to Meet' the 'Charming' and 'Smart' Obama

Actress Morena Baccarin, who plays "Anna," the leader of the malevolent aliens on ABC's sci-fi 'V' series, told USA Today that "I would love to meet Obama" since he's "charming" and a "smart, ...
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