As AZ Immigration Law Looms, ABC Touts Harm to Small Businesses

ABC's World News on Sunday caught up to CBS and NBC in fretting about the potential problems caused by illegal immigrants leaving Arizona. ABC's Barbara Pinto lamented the possible damage to small ...

Why No Public Love for Obama's "Many Acomplishments"?

Vol. 23, No. 15

Anatomy of a Botched Ambush: ABC Fails to Score Global Warming Point on Inhofe

Network's senior congressional correspondent tries to conflate weather with climate, which alarmists cried foul over during this year's winter weather.

ABC's Elisabeth Leamy Tosses Softballs to Obama: What Are You Teaching the Kids About Money?

Good Morning America's Elisabeth Leamy used an exclusive interview with Barack Obama on Friday to toss mostly softball questions, such as wondering, "I want to ask you, what are you and the First ...

George Stephanopoulos Lobbies for Reconciliation Between Obama and Sherrod

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Thursday lobbied Shirley Sherrod to agree that Barack Obama is trying to improve race relations. The fired USDA employee first asserted she needed ...

ABC Skips Label for Liberal Media Matters During Shootout With 'Conservative' Andrew Breitbart

Conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart and Eric Boehlert of the liberal organization Media Matters debated each other on Wednesday's Good Morning America. But, ABC only identified the ideology ...

Unicorns, Ogres and Dragons More Common in News than Good Reporting

Fairness more myth than reality as stories from conservative media get ignored in the 'mainstream'

ABC's Claire Shipman Laments Lack of Political Will to Extend Unemployment Benefits Beyond 99 Weeks

Good Morning America's Claire Shipman on Tuesday delivered a one-sided report on unemployment benefits and the fact that they end after 99 weeks. Reporting on those who have reached the limit, the ...

Bozell Statement on Networks' Lack of Coverage of Racist Remarks from NAACP Speaker

MRC Reax: ABC, CBS, NBC Spike Coverage of Racist Remarks, Abuse of Power

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Grills Michele Bachmann: Will Tea Party 'Undermine' GOP Chances?

One day after suggesting that terrorist attacks during Barack Obama's watch be "set aside," Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos grilled Michelle Bachmann, forcing her to respond for every ...
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