Media Blackout of Supreme Court "Battle"

MRC Analysis: ABC, CBS and NBC Virtually Ignore Kagan Controversies; No Soundbites from Conservative Groups

Media-Backed Obama Mortgage Program Flops

Broadcast networks supported homeowner bailout even as 'hiccups' in system were exposed.

On Networks, 'Controversial' Law Means Conservative Law

ABC, CBS, NBC label conservative laws controversial 30 times more than liberal laws; Arizona immigration policy most-criticized in five years

Awkward: ABC Skips Report That Bianna Golodryga's Fiance Is Leaving the White House

Good Morning America on Tuesday skipped the news that Peter Orszag, Barack Obama's budget director, is resigning from the White House. Perhaps not coincidentally, Orszag is also the fiance of ...

Behar: Prayer 'Takes the Place of Thinking'

'The View' co-host says prayer replaces logic, calls it 'dangerous'

Network Morning Shows Rage Against BP CEO's Yachting Trip, Ignore Obama's Golf Outing

All three morning shows on Monday railed against BP CEO Tony Hayward for attending a yachting race in England on Saturday, but they found no such anger for Barack Obama's golf outing on the same ...

ABC's Tapper: White House Hails A 'Good Week' After 'Gift' From Joe Barton

On Friday's Good Morning America on ABC, White House correspondent Jake Tapper described White House reaction to Republican Congressman Joe Barton calling BP's $20 billion escrow fund the result ...

ABC Focuses Oil Spill Blame on BP and Coast Guard, Not Obama; CBS Gives President 'C' for Response

On Thursday's Good Morning America on ABC, co-host George Stephanopoulos laid blame on BP and Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen for mishandling the Gulf oil spill response but depicted the Obama ...

ABC Touts Entrepreneur Seeking Backing of Government 'Lawyers and Lobbyists'

On Wednesday's World News, ABC's Dan Harris decried the U.S. government for failing to back a solar panel manufacturer, as if "congressional staffers, lawyers and lobbyists" were the only route ...

Obama Wants $50 Billion more for Stimulus, Networks Nearly Silent

Broadcast news devotes 38 times more coverage to World Cup than presidential push to bailout police, firemen, teachers.
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