Media Parrot White House Spin on Auto Bailout as Unemployment Rises

ABC, CBS tout 'good news' in Michigan, ignore more out-of-work residents.

ABC's Bill Weir on AZ Immigration Ruling: 'From Rage to Relief,' Hits Brewer for 'Goading' Obama

Good Morning America's Bill Weir on Thursday touted a court ruling that removed key portions of Arizona's immigration law. He announced the judge's decision as one spanning "from rage to relief." ...

CBS's Plante: Obama's 'View' Appearance An Example of Reaching 'Beyond the Beltway'

On Thursday's CBS Early Show, senior White House correspondent Bill Plante praised President Obama taping an appearance on ABC's 'The View' on Wednesday: "...the President is trying to reach ...

View Co-Hosts Fawn Over Obama With Questions on 'Right-Wing' Fox News, iPod, Lindsay Lohan

Barack Obama on Thursday mostly breezed through an appearance on The View, enjoying questions about his iPod, Lindsay Lohan and the Jersey Shore. Liberal co-host Joy Behar railed against Fox News ...

ABC Continues Attack on New Arizona Law: 'Target: Immigrants'

ABC on Wednesday continued to attack Arizona's tough new immigration law. Good Morning America devoted three segments to the subject, even misstating what the legislation does.

George Stephanopoulos Recites Jerry Brown's Democratic Talking Points

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday repeated Democratic talking points as he challenged Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. Speaking of Whitman's tenure as CEO of ...

While Interviewing Dem Congressman, ABC, CBS Keep the Focus Off Obama, on BP

Democratic Congressman Ed Markey appeared on ABC and CBS's morning shows on Monday to talk about the Gulf Coast oil spill and didn't face a single question about the government's handling of the ...

As AZ Immigration Law Looms, ABC Touts Harm to Small Businesses

ABC's World News on Sunday caught up to CBS and NBC in fretting about the potential problems caused by illegal immigrants leaving Arizona. ABC's Barbara Pinto lamented the possible damage to small ...

Why No Public Love for Obama's "Many Acomplishments"?

Vol. 23, No. 15

Anatomy of a Botched Ambush: ABC Fails to Score Global Warming Point on Inhofe

Network's senior congressional correspondent tries to conflate weather with climate, which alarmists cried foul over during this year's winter weather.
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