Former Clinton Aide George Stephanopoulos Touts Sex Scandal Rumors Against Nikki Haley

ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Monday touted allegations about a supposed affair between Republican Nikki Haley and a lobbyist. Recounting the details of the charges leveled against the ...

The AG vs. BP: Little Skepticism on ABC and NBC, While Lefty Talker Blasts Holder as 'Corporatist' Pretender

American lawyers who represent captured terrorists are simply fulfilling their duty to provide representation, it is often argued by those who seem to enjoy mucking up efforts to curtail future ...

ABC's Claire Shipman Mourns: Does Gore Divorce Mean 'Storybook Endings' Are Impossible?

Good Morning America's Claire Shipman on Wednesday continued to tout the "storybook" nature of Al and Tipper Gore's failed marriage, reminiscing, "Al and Tipper. Tipper and Al. Their very ...

Former Dem Aide Stephanopoulos Lectures James O'Keefe: 'You're More of a Political Activist Than a Journalist'

Former Democratic operative turned journalist George Stephanopoulos lectured James O'Keefe on Tuesday, deriding, "And some of your critics say that you're more of a political activist than a ...

ABC Frets Obama's 'Pro-Peace Efforts & Statements' Are 'Overshadowed' by Israeli Raid

On ABC's World News, correspondent Jim Sciutto fretted that the recent Israeli naval raid will undermine President Obama's "pro-peace efforts" toward the Muslim world: "A public outpouring like ...

Networks Ignore Israel's Valid Reasons to Blockade Palestinian Terror Groups

Media also skip history of terror attacks on U.S., call knife-wielding activists 'foreign aid workers.'

Media Double Standard on Gulf Coast Disasters

MRC Study: Networks Pounced on Bush Right After Katrina, but Obama Granted Four Weeks of Breathing Space

James Carville Slams Obama on Oil Spill: 'We're About to Die Down Here!' Stephanopoulos Still Spinning

James Carville appeared on Wednesday's Good Morning America to condemn Barack Obama's response to the oil spill. George Stephanopoulos seemed taken aback by the intensity of his fellow Democrat ...

Left on the Cutting Room Floor: Climate Depot's Marc Morano Takes on ABC News' Dan Harris

'World News' segment cut skeptic interview from 11 minute to just 10 seconds, then links it with white supremacists.
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