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'Barney Frank, Moderate'

Discussing the retirement of the extremely liberal Mass. Democrat, former reporter David Firestone shows he has a sense of humor: "But economically, Mr. Frank is essentially a centrist."

Times Sides With Vermont Lefties Against Lockheed Martin's 'Greenwashing'

Reporter Abby Goodnough sympathetically relays unfiltered anti-war, anti-corporate leftism from Burlington, Vermont over a clean energy proposal by Lockheed Martin. "'I'm deathly afraid of ...

The Times Devotes Another Full Story to Latest Micro-Protest Against Illegal Immigration Crackdown

The Times can't get enough of these tiny protests in support of amnesty for illegal immigrants, while giving cursory coverage to far larger conservative protests like the Tea Party rally on ...

Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Reporter Abby Goodnough awaits the crowning of the new senator representing Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, and columnist Charles Blow finds New Englanders have morphed from educated progressives ...

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Massachusetts Edition

Plus: Read the desperate, denialist Democrat spin by Times columnists and reporters upon Scott Brown's shocking Mass. Victory, and learn why Rush is a particularly vile human being.

Sentences She'd Like to Have Back, Mass. Special Election Edition

Reporter Abby Goodnough (and Times Watch, alas) on the next Senator from Massachusetts, Martha Coakley.

Times Disputes Validity of Pollster Showing Close Mass. Senate Race, Yet...

Covering a surprisingly tight Senate race in Massachusetts, Abby Goodnough referenced a Rasmussen Reports poll showing a Republican closing in, but twice emphasized that most news organizations ...

Times Lauds Ted Kennedy's Likely Liberal Successor, Ignores Her Ties to Notorious 'Sex Abuse' Witchhunt

Martha Coakley will probably succeed Ted Kennedy as senator of Massachusetts, and the Times called attention to her speaking ability and composure, but not the part she played in justifying the ...

Times Plumps Joe Kennedy for Ted's Seat, Ignores Hugo Chavez Ties

In pondering the glories of the waning Kennedy era in Massachusetts, the Times ignored "populist" Joe Kennedy's ties to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, yet praised Kennedy for providing free ...

Goodnough Fails to Consider Cynical Political Motive by Kennedy

Times writer Abby Goodnough takes Sen. Kennedy at face value for his reasons to change Massachusetts law governing Senate vacancies, a law he helped put in place in 2004 for partisan purposes
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