Team Clinton: The Starting Line-up of the Pro-Clinton Press Corps

tcmiklJim Miklaszewski
NBC News White House

"Dole had been invited speak to the [NAACP] convention yesterday, but declined. He claimed he was already committed to campaigning and the All-Star baseball game. To those at this convention, this was quite a stretch and an insult to African-American voters....By not showing up here, Bob Dole may reinforce those racial divides along party lines and fuel the anxiety among some Republicans that in this presidential campaign, Bob Dole might not be up to the challenge."
-- July 10, 1996 NBC Nightly News.

"He's called the Prince of Darkness. A darling of the ultra-right, he's been a rabid attack dog against anything liberal. But this time even he may have gone too far. In a newspaper interview, Senator Jesse Helms says if President Clinton visits North Carolina, he'd `better watch out' and `bring a bodyguard.' President Clinton took the high ground....Critics call him a bigot, sexist, and homophobe and he seems to wear it like a badge of honor."
-- Today, November 23, 1994.

"Meanwhile, the Republican Party itself has to regroup. During the campaign, Republicans lost their identity as the party of less government and fiscal restraint, and gained the reputation as the party of intolerance and exclusion."
-- Today, November 11, 1992.