Saddam's Capture: OK, But What About Those Funerals? - January 5, 2004

January 5, 2004
Saddam's Capture: OK, But What About Those Funerals?
"But haven't we learned how perilous foreign policy is for this president? I mean, right now, the way you're describing it, it's pretty rosy, and things are looking good for the president, for the country. But before Saddam was caught, not long ago, we were talking about casualties. We were talking about a situation where the president did not want to go to the funerals of a lot of the killed soldiers in Iraq, because why bring attention to the tragedy of-that was going on day after day there. So it seems like things have switched back and forth and up and down. It's been a real roller coaster, and who's to say that couldn't change again?" - Washington Editor Richard Berke on the PBS show Washington Week in Review, December 26.

Remembering Joseph Coors, "Right-Wing Nut"

"Since Joseph Coors was a right-wing nut as well (and a Bircher to boot), I stuck to Michelob." - Contributing writer James Traub on the death of Heritage founder and beer magnate Joseph Coors Sr., December 28.

Krugman: In the Tank for Dean?
"Most Democrats feel, with justification, that we're facing a national crisis-that the right, ruthlessly exploiting 9/11, is making a grab for total political dominance. The party's rank and file want a candidate who is running, as the Dean slogan puts it, to take our country back." - Columnist Paul Krugman, January 2.

Tolerance Takes the Subway
"After years of untold subway time-spent watching, listening, reading-I would say that large, active systems of mass transit are the main difference between the red and the blue states of the 2000 electoral map (California excepted). People who travel only by private car-most of America-can too easily stick to their own kind and cling to their prejudices and misconceptions without the threat of contradictory experiences." - Roberta Smith, January 2.

Dean as Fiscal Conservative, Again

"And his liberal credentials are belied by a long-standing predilection for political moderation and fiscal conservatism in Vermont." - Rick Lyman on Howard Dean, December 28.

And "B" Is for Bias
"Q is also for quagmire, an old word that some think now has new life in Iraq." - Tom Kuntz, December 28.