The Pope's Too Catholic - October 17, 2003

The Pope's Too Catholic
"John Paul has won the hearts of many Catholics and alienated many others. He was boundlessly energetic and visionary in his travels but staunchly traditional in his interpretation of many church teachings." - Frank Bruni, marking the 25th anniversary of the Pope's reign, October 17, 2003

"Some historians say [Pope John Paul II] played an important role in the collapse of Communism in Europe by exhorting fellow Poles and others under the grip of the Soviet Union to reject an ideology that he deemed oppressive." - Frank Bruni, October 17, 2003

"[Pope John Paul II] widened some rifts among Catholics, his conservative take on church teachings infuriating many progressives and driving them further from the fold. John Paul has been revered by many people, reviled by many others but ignored by few, because he could not be." - Frank Bruni, October 16, 2003