More "Parallels" Between Vietnam and Iraq - October 13, 2003

"Parallels can be found between Vietnam and the current war in Iraq. Then, as now, the United States acted without the support of most of its allies." Stephen Holden, in Saturday's review of the documentary film, "The Art of War."

"...he is a centrist, but his middle-ground stands, while advantageous in a general election, are not helpful in winning over the hard-core Democrats who are critical to winning primaries?" Edward Wyatt's front-page story for Monday (misleadingly headlined "Lieberman, the Centrist in the Middle of the Pack,")

"If Mr. Jindal wins, it may mean not that race no longer matters in Louisiana, but simply that?Asian-Americans now fall on the white side of the racial divide." Times editorialist Adam Cohen in his Sunday editorial, "A New Kind of Minority Is Challenging Louisiana's Racial Conventions."