The "Heroic History" of Terrorist Leader Arafat

January 7, 2005

The "Heroic History" of Terrorist Leader Arafat

"[Palestinian candidate Mahmoud] Abbas, with no heroic history like that of his predecessor as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Yasir Arafat, has been campaigning in Mr. Arafat's footsteps if not in his clothes." - Steven Erlanger reporting from the Gaza Strip, January 6.

"Bare-Knuckled" Allawi "Rattled" by Terrorists, um, "Insurgents"

"But the stepped-up campaign by the insurgents, largely dominated by the country's Sunni-Arab minority, has clearly rattled Dr. [Ayad] Allawi, a former C.I.A. confidant known for his bare-knuckle manner, and raised the prospect of an election whose results are diminished by the chaos." - Dexter Filkins and David Sanger, January 6.

Spending Cuts? What Spending Cuts?

"Conservative lawmakers, vowing to make bigger spending cuts this year than they ever did in President Bush's first term, are already eyeing some top priorities of local and state politicians, including federal money for hospitals, nursing homes, mass transportation projects and homeland security initiatives." - Metro reporter Raymond Hernandez, January 3.

How Will Bush Do in 2005? Let's Ask James Carville

"With the combat toll in Iraq surpassing 1,400 and the Iraqi elections scheduled for Jan. 30, under threat of being bombed and boycotted into irrelevance, the United States is looking a little less mighty. And a needy world beckons elsewhere. At least one person paid to keep his ear to the ground - James Carville, the Democratic consultant - sees something looming." - Media reporter David Carr, January 2.

They Never Miss a Chance

"Many Indonesians compare the earthquake disaster to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, but note that the death toll here is far greater. Other nations, including Singapore and Australia to the south, got helicopters and medical assistance into Indonesia earlier than the United States." - Reporter Jane Perlez, January 2.

Bush Should Just Give Up Now

"Senator Max Baucus of Montana, a Democrat whose support was essential to the enactment of President Bush's tax cuts in 2001 and his Medicare legislation in 2003, said on Thursday that he would oppose the president's Social Security plan this year. Mr. Baucus's position will make it difficult for the White House to obtain the Democratic votes necessary for the measure to get through the Senate." - Opening lines to David Rosenbaum's January 7 story.

Alberto Gonzales, American Torquemada

"Mr. Gonzales said the Abu Ghraib photos 'sickened and outraged' him. But he would not acknowledge that he or any other senior administration official was to blame, even though he was a central figure in the policy decisions that laid the groundwork for the abuse at Abu Ghraib and other American military prisons." - Editorial on Bush's attorney general nominee Alberto Gonzales, January 7.

No Refuge From Times' Bias on TV

"It's the Same Old Song - A Texan In the White House, A Divisive WarIt's Back to the Present On 'American Dreams.'" - Coverline and subhead of the Jan 2.- Jan.8 TV listings section.