"Ghoulish" Not To Let Terri Schiavo Die - October 24, 2003

"Ghoulish" Not To Let Terri Schiavo Die
"But the State Legislature and Gov. Jeb Bush have mocked the courts' careful deliberations and embarked on a ghoulish medical journey by directing that her feeding resume. The courts should reaffirm [Terri] Schiavo's right to die in peace." - Editorial on the Terri Schiavo case, October 23, 2003

The World Still Hates Bush

"Mr. Bush seemed determined to show that Iraq was a special case and to dispel the impression held in many parts of the world that he is impatient, trigger-happy and uninterested in building alliances. He sounds like a man who believes himself genuinely misunderstood.But even some of Mr. Bush's aides concede that Mr. Bush has only begun to discover the gap between the picture of a benign superpower that he sees, and the far more calculating, self-interested, anti-Muslim America the world perceives as he speeds by behind dark windows." - David Sanger, October 24, 2003
"While Mr. Bush made elliptical references to the Spanish-American War, some of his critics have argued that the justification for invading Iraq bore a resemblance to the rationale the United States used to begin that war in 1898, citing evidence, discounted as flimsy, that the battleship Maine had been deliberately blown up in Cuba by Spanish forces. That began the first war in which the United States seized territory beyond its continental shores, and the first in which other nations accused Washington of imperialist and colonial ambitions. Now, Mr. Bush faces similar accusations from critics questioning whether Saddam Hussein possessed weapons that posed an urgent threat." - David Sanger, October 19, 2003

How Dare a Christian Espouse Christianity
"Not only did a high-ranking government official make remarks that espoused a single religious view and denigrated others, but he damaged the national security policy of the United States."

- Editorial on remarks Lt. Gen. William Boykin made to a Christian group, October 22, 2003
Get It? Get It?

"Grumbling Trickles Down from Reagan Biopic." - headline to a Jim Rutenberg story on the CBS miniseries "The Reagans," October 21, 2003
Third-World Alabama Needs Taxes

"Last month, Alabama voted for fewer social services, less education, and a shoddier legal system-to become, that is, more like a third-world nation." - Editorial writer Adam Cohen, October 20, 2003

Greenhouse vs. Godless Communism
"I was in first grade at the time. I was very confused by it because having laboriously learned the Pledge without 'under God,' all of a sudden, 'under God' came in; it was a federal law. And I didn't realize at the time that I had become a foot soldier in the war against Godless communism. That's what it really was about." - Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse on the October 17, 2003 Washington Week in Review.