Critics of Liberal Bias Should "Get Out More" - February 6, 2004

February 6, 2004
Critics of Liberal Bias Should "Get Out More"
"Conservatives in Hollywood and New York always complain about stigma and persecution in the media and entertainment worlds, which makes one wonder why they don't get out more." - Alessandra Stanley, January 30.

The Times In Stalinland

"In his younger years, Mr. Bykov was a soldier, a janitor and a plumber, and the world wasn't such a bad place." - Seth Mydans in a February 5 profile of 76-year-old Russian villager Vladimir Bykov, who grew up under dictator Josef Stalin.

Deep Cuts in a $2.4 Trillion Budget?
"Mr. Bush's calculation is that voters will care far more about protecting the nation from another terrorist attack than about cuts to popular programs, or, for that matter, the record-high deficit.Like his State of the Union address, Mr. Bush's budget calls for no big new domestic programs and in fact forces him to cut so deeply that even his Republican allies in Congress called it politically impractical and said restorations were inevitable." - Elisabeth Bumiller, February 3.

Centering Sen. Kerry
"The classic Democratic path-running to the left in a primary and tacking back to the center in a general election-appears not to apply much in Mr. Kerry's case: after all, Mr. Kerry has run well to the right of Howard Dean in favoring retaining the middle-class tax cuts, on trade, on the war in Iraq, and on gay marriage." - David Halbfinger, February 4.

Opposition to Gay Marriage = Discrimination

"Diane Sawyer's 'Primetime Thursday' interview with Howard Dean and Judy Steinberg Dean, just 48 hours after the president's speech, was as depressing in its way as the president's threat of a constitutional amendment to discriminate against gay couples." - Editor Frank Rich, February 1.

Sen. Kerry Would Never Play Up His War Record
"Dr. Frist, a surgeon who has written a book about bioterrorism, spent much of the day doing what he loves: dispensing medical wisdom to colleagues and the press. Much to the chagrin of some Democrats, who privately complain that the majority leader plays up his role as a doctor, Dr. Frist stood before a throng of reporters, citing medical data and other case histories, including 'the famous case in 1976 in Bulgaria.'" - Sheryl Gay Stolberg, February 4.

Conservative Buchanan, Non-Liberal Al?
"only a handful of maverick candidates-among them Mr. Buchanan, the conservative broadcaster, in 1996, and the Rev. Al Sharpton this year-have remained in the race long beyond any hope of victory, because they were running not simply to win but to spread a message or to raise their profiles." - Rick Lyman, February 3.

Bush's Threats To Our Way of Life
"If we're serious about confronting threats to our way of life, we don't have to hunt them in the caves of eastern Afghanistan. We can find a serious threat in the West Wing of the White House as the Bush administration charts its fiscal policy. - Columnist Nicholas Kristof, February 4.

"That is the only way to expose what the shameful coalition of Karl Rove-led cynics, who care only about winning the next election; voodoo economists preaching supply-side economics; and libertarian nuts who think that by cutting tax revenues you'll shrink the government-when all you do is balloon the deficit-is doing to our future." - Columnist Thomas Friedman, February 1.