Statement of Brent Bozell on the Death of Bob Novak

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Media Research Center President Brent Bozell has issued the following statement regarding Bob Novak's passing:

"Bob Novak possessed all the qualities of an exemplary journalist. During his storied career, Bob produced some of the finest work of anyone in the business of gathering and reporting news. He was hardworking, accurate, and independent. Above all, Bob was tough and fair.

"Politicians and bureaucrats feared him for what his well placed sources revealed. Rival reporters envied him for the many exclusives he delivered over the years. We will always admire his lifelong devotion to journalism which produced a standard that few reporters could hope to replicate.

"Bob lent years of support to the Media Research Center and was also a personal friend. All of us at the MRC will miss Bob for his accuracy, integrity and his work ethic."

Tributes from Creators Syndicate columnists.

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