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Alexandria, VA - The Media Research Center (MRC) has just released No Fairness Doctrine for PBS, an in-depth report documenting and detailing how the taxpayer-funded network has become even more blatantly and boldly liberal since the Democrats won control of Congress in November of 2006.

"Since the Democrats assumed control of Congress, we've seen PBS add an extra jolt of electricity to their usual bashing of conservatives and Republicans," said Tim Graham, author of the report and MRC's Director of Media Analysis.

"Liberals complain about fairness in talk radio, and seek to revive and reinstate a 1940s relic in the Fairness Doctrine, but do not want it applied to taxpayer-funded broadcasting. They want a one-sided sandbox for the left. They're perfectly happy with PBS airing hours on impeachment, with PBS hosts telling Howard Dean how they're making advertising images for him, and with CPB grant-makers handing over hundreds of millions of dollars for filmmakers to tout 'transgender militancy' and other exotic left-wing revolutionary movements. Conservatives are expected to just pay the bill and wave a white flag," Graham concluded.

The examples of how much farther left PBS has gone are myriad: Bill Moyers devoted an entire hour on July 13 to two guests strenuously calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Tavis Smiley campaigns against the GOP when four Presidential front-runners skip his September debate due its close proximity to the quarterly fund-raising deadline. And the "Independent" Television Service, an entity populated exclusively by liberal filmmakers, draws about $15 million annually from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to produce movies that knock Bush Administration policies, celebrate leftist agitators and promote "progressive" sexual politics.

Says Graham, "Since public television is supported by taxpayers of all political stripes, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting ought to live up to its mandate to monitor content for objectivity and fairness. Having hosts actively campaigning against Republicans and conservative ideas doesn't make PBS look fair."


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