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Alexandria, VASince publishing a highly controversial story about a secret U.S. program that monitors financial transactions as a tool to fight terrorism, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller has defended the newspapers actions, claiming that one mans breach of security is another mans public relations. Mr. Keller has also now admitted that the liberal press is not neutral in this war on terror.

Indeed, the track record proves that the New York Times and Bill Keller are not neutral but grossly biased against the U.S.-led war against terrorism. And now, thanks to their liberal biases, the NYTs story on the anti-terrorist financial monitoring program has generated the following damage to the United States:

  • a federal class-action lawsuit against the program, alleging violations of financial privacy laws;

  • complaints filed in 32 countries alleging that the program violated European and Asian privacy laws;

  • and, the Belgian prime minister is calling for a Justice Ministry investigation into whether the program, based in Belgium, violated Belgian law.

If the New York Times wanted to undermine the U.S. war against terrorism and entangle our government and national security resources in protracted legal battles, instead of in battling Americas enemies, the New York Times has succeeded, said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell. Mr. Keller said it himself: The press is not neutral in the war against terrorism. The liberal media are opposed to this war and will do anything, including disclosing U.S. national security secrets, to stop the war and hand Americas enemies a victory.

The Timess actions are despicable. Its time for a complete investigation of the New York Times and, if warranted, prosecution of the newspaper, its editors and its publisher.


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