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Alexandria, VASenator John Kerry grossly insulted the intelligence of American soldiers by telling college students they would get stuck in Iraq if they didn't work hard in school. Yet the liberal media, instead of seizing the opportunity to condemn this offense as they have done with conservatives who make gaffes for example, Senator George Allens macaca comment brushed off Kerrys insult as, among other things, an idle political remark.

With his rich history of besmirching the military, John Kerry and his cheap insult against our U.S. troops should be held to the same standard as other political misconduct, said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell. But liberal anchors have dismissed it as merely an idle political remark and have left it up to the White House to demand an apology.

Their reaction pales in comparison to the weeks upon weeks of coverage still devoted to lambasting Senator George Allen for his macaca comment. If a conservative denoted a particular group of people as stupid, these same reporters would exploit every opportunity to drive the GOP into the ground in the week before elections. The liberal hypocrisy and media bias are loathsome.

Examples of Downplaying Kerrys Comment:

  • CBSs Katie Couric mimicked a potential GOP ad, impersonating John Kerry insults the troops. Do we really want the Dems to take over?

  • ABC anchor Charles Gibson characterized it as merely an idle political remark.

  • CNNs White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux stated we hope and we think that all of this is going to go away tomorrow.

  • MSNBCs Chris Matthews referred to the controversy over Kerrys comments as a brouhaha and a rhubarb.

  • CNNs Jack Cafferty said one can only hope the issue goes away quickly.


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