Bozell: "Newsweek and Air America - Perfectly Liberal Together"

Alexandria, VA - Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell, III today reacted with matter-of-fact amusement to the news that Newsweek magazine is partnering with liberal talk radio network Air America to syndicate their show Newsweek On Air.

This announcement comes the same week Newsweek uses its cover and the accompanying story to bash Rush Limbaugh, the undisputed king of syndicated talk radio and someone who is diametrically opposed ideologically to the magazine's new syndication partner.

When the Air America network was launched in 2004, Newsweek did a fawning, glowing three-page announcement story featuring host Al Franken, including a President Bush-mocking "photo illustration" of Franken standing on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit.

Brent Bozell:

"I am shocked - SHOCKED - that liberal Newsweek magazine has partnered with liberal Air America. Who would have known that the two would find so much common ground on which to build a business relationship? So not only is their current Rush Limbaugh-bashing cover an assault on their ideological opposition, it's an attack on their radio competition.

"And given the respective ratings, it's an outstanding business decision. Clearly Newsweek wanted a radio partner whose listenership mirrors their readership - minimal and declining rapidly.

"We've documented their left wing bias for years. The 'News' in Newsweek has always been a joke. Their teaming up with the uber-liberal radio network removes all doubt. Newsweek and Air America - perfectly liberal together."