Bozell to Media: Don't Endorse John Kerry's Crusade Against the Tea Party

Alexandria, VA – After Senator John Kerry took several vicious swipes at conservatives – on Sunday blaming the Tea Party for the Standard and Poor (S&P) downgrade and last week griping that the media should not give the Tea Party 'equal time or equal balance,' Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following call to action:

'John Kerry is on a crusade to destroy the Tea Party. To blame the Tea Party for the S&P downgrade is like blaming the Betty Ford Clinic for alcoholism. The entire existence of the Tea Party movement has been based on an attempt to stop the runaway spending of Washington – by the likes of John Kerry. Any media outlet that features his outrageous blame game remarks without challenging his serial dishonesty is giving aid and comfort to the crusade to vilify and extinguish conservative thought.

'If this is the 'Tea Party downgrade' then I'm the fairy godmother. No, this is a well-coordinated effort by the left-wing to deflect bad news – very bad news – away from their very left-wing President Obama.

'Let's not forget the conservative movement's position on the debt. The only legislation that would have met the criteria to avert a downgrade was the Cut, Cap and Balance proposal. It included $5.8 trillion in cuts, far more than what S&P required. But President Obama vowed not to sign it, and the John Kerry Senate Democrats refused to consider it. The liberal media largely ignored this reality, too.

'So, nice try, left-wing propaganda machine. The President and his left-wing allies in Congress have earned their position in the hot seat. The left-wing media are aiding and abetting blatant falsehoods unless and until they call out Senator John Kerry as a deliberate liar.'