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BOZELL: MEDIA BLAST POPE OVER MUSLIM VIOLENCE, IGNORE RADICAL ISLAMIC HATE SPEECH Media Research Center President Calls Out Media on Religious Double Standard
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Alexandria, VA Pope Benedict XVI apologized after a quote from a speech he gave last week offended many Muslims. But that did not quell violent Muslim demonstrations and public calls to kill the Pope. Some of the top media, in turn, have indirectly blamed the Pope for the violence and urged him to do more to heal the pain he has supposedly caused, as the New York Times has editorialized.

In reaction to the top medias jaundiced coverage of this issue, MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement:

The liberal media have bowed to radical Islam. Their double standard deems it acceptable to bash Christian leaders but will not entertain a criticism or even a quotation about Islam.

Journalists condemned Pat Robertson when he indirectly suggested the assassination of Venezuelan Marxist Hugo Chavez. But now, top media reporters have largely turned a politically correct eye to public death threats against the Pope talk about hate speech! Where is the media outrage? The condemnation?

Ultimately, the medias apathy towards these threats allows religious bullies to claim victory under the guise of victimhood; gives extremists a free pass to promote terror and violence; and encourages future acts of violence.

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