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ALEXANDRIA, VA Scientific and religions experts have thoroughly debunked James Camerons documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus which purports to unveil evidence of Jesus Christs burial in a Jerusalem family crypt along with his father Joseph, mother Mary, wife Mary Magdalene and a son named Judah. In light of this, the Media Research Center calls out the Discovery Channel:

If the Discovery Channel fails to cancel this slanderous documentary, it will have to explain why it is intentionally misleading the public, said L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center, referring to Sundays upcoming airing of The Tomb of Jesus. They should be embarrassed by this plunge into sensational speculation masquerading as science. To slander Christianity at the start of the Lenten season is unconscionable.

First it was their rush to publicize the fake James ossuary in 2002, and now its the tomb of Jesus. What theyre really doing is attacking Christianity. The title of the documentary ought to be Discovery Channel Says Christianity Is a Fraud but they dont have the guts to say it.

Robert Knight, director of MRCs Culture and Media Institute, said, The Discovery Channel bills itself as the number one non-fiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion people in over 170 countries. But this bigoted documentary is pure fiction. Numerous leading scholars, including the Israeli archaeologist who first studied the site, have already rejected the notion that Jesus of Nazareths bones were found in the Talpiot tomb.

Bozell said, It comes down to this: There are some in the media who cant get enough of even the flimsiest attempts to attack Christianity. When theyre not pimping historical fiction like The Da Vinci Code, theyre touting the latest archeological findings, which turn out to be old, discredited news. In terms of credibility, the Discovery Channel will have dug its own grave if it doesnt pull this documentary.


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