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Alexandria, VAA front-page story in The Washington Post today ran with the headline, A Voter Rebuke For Bush, the War And the Right. While voters were affected by the war and their views of the President, among other issues, the results show that indeed the election was a loss for the Republican Party, but it was emphatically not a loss for conservatives or those on the political right.

In nearly all of the major ballot issues at the state level, conservatives won. For instance, ballot initiatives to recognize marriage as being between a man and a woman won in seven out of eight states with strong majority support. Voters also supported initiatives to protect property rights against government land-grabbers, and expressed strong support for tougher enforcement of laws against illegal immigration, among other conservative issues.

The 2006 election was a loss for the Republican Party but it was in no way a loss for the Right, said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell. Look at the election returns Republicans lost. Look at the ballot initiatives numerous conservative ideas and the principles of the political right were victorious all over the country.

The Washington Post is trying to write the first pages of the history of the 2006 election and it is trying, as usual, to discredit conservative ideas by attaching them to the coattails of the Republican Party. But that is not the fact and its certainly not accurate reporting.

Today, The Washington Post is synonymous with Howard Dean. Its time now for conservatives to denounce the blatantly dishonest agenda that the Post is packaging as news.


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