Obama Points out Obscene Profits, but the Eye is Catching up to the Hand

The Great and Magical Ozbama got elected with mysticism, so it’s fitting his response to the Massachusetts revolution is the magician’s best friend: distraction. His favorite distraction tactic is demonizing an enemy. Don’t look at my failures – look over there, that villain is the real problem.

So, on the morning after Massachusetts sent the message he refuses to receive, Ozbama reached into his top hat, drew out a slip of paper providing the enemy of the moment: obscene profits. Then he drew another slip of paper and found written on it: fat cat bankers. Bingo. Put the two together, load ‘em in the teleprompter, and let’s hit the campaign trail.

Well, given the trouble he’s in, I think Ozbama’s going to need a whole lot of distraction. A lot of targets. Reminds me of the great line from Jaws where, at first sight of the shark, Roy Scheider’s character says, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” 

I would like to suggest he play a bigger game. If we’re going to characterize certain incomes and profits and benefits as obscene, let’s be democratic and inclusive. Conan O’Brien shouldn’t be ignored. His $32-million golden parachute, pay to not work until September must be judged obscene, compared to the meager unemployment money the government is doling out to ever-rising numbers of workin’ men and women deprived of jobs for lengthening terms. Why shouldn’t Conan be limited to the same unemployment subsidy as everyone else, and no more? Especially since his obscene pay-out is coming from the coffers of General Electric, a federally subsidized entity. So, impose a 90 percent Conan tax. 

From there, let’s look at General Motors, a zombie company operating a Ponzi scheme propped up with taxpayers’ billions. GM pays out obscenely generous pensions to its union workers while our 401K’s have been decimated. It buys obscenely generous “Cadillac” health plans for its employees while you and I are threatened with a 40 percent tax on ours, should we buy them with our own hard-earned dollars.

And surely the president should jump at characterizing the salaries of pro athletes as obscene. What do you suppose the spread is between LeBron James’ weekly wage and the lowest-level broom-pusher at the arena? That spread is possible only because taxpayers fund the stadiums.

The flaw in this whole strategy may be that the American public – especially those being handed the bills for Obama’s spending while he threatens them in new ways everyday, may not share his view of what is obscene.

The dictionary says “obscene” means offensive or disgusting by accepted standards of morality and decency. Our standards differ from his. We seem to find trying to steal a sixth of the economy in very un-transparent scheming, wheeling ‘n dealing, and bribing immoral. We think piling up debt at the most dizzying pace ever, to the point that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be slaves to it, is disgusting. To us, it’s immoral and disgusting to treat terrorists as common criminals entitled to all our Constitutional rights, complete with Miranda warnings and free lawyers and wildly expensive spectacle trials in our cities. He finds profits immoral and disgusting.

Simple truth is, our values aren’t his, his aren’t ours. The liberal media has done its level best to mask this fundamental fact, and to ridicule and marginalize those who see it and speak of it clearly. But the unthinkable has happened. A candidate for the Senate seat held by the “liberal lion” dared to see it and speak of it clearly. Scott Brown campaigned on the simple promise to stop Obama’s stampede to socialism. In the bluest of “blue states,” he was elected by substantial majority.

This sent the left into convulsions. On MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Howard Dean called each other silly. Robert Gibbs on Fox News Sunday laughably insisted that the Mass voters had not elected Brown because of his clearly enunciated stop-Obama promise; they had, he said, voted for Brown in support of the Obama agenda. Huh?

It is too early to indulge sighs of relief. But …

It’s widely acknowledged that, when Cronkite declared the Viet Nam War a lost cause, LBJ knew it and his presidency, over. When Carter’s helicopters sank into the sand, and he sat wrapped in sweater telling us to turn down our thermostats despite winter cold, the failure of his presidency was undeniable. We may look back on the “miracle in Massachusetts” as the moment of recognition by America that Ozbama really has no magic at all – just a list of phony villains to distract us from his sleight of hand.

Dan Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur, adviser to business owners, sought-after speaker and author of 13 books. More information about Dan can be found at www.NoBSBooks.com, and a free collection of his business resources including newsletters and webinars at www.DanKennedy.com.

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