Notable Quotables

Must Ignore Wright Debacle “Every time he [Reverend Jeremiah Wright] appears, he just gives legitimacy and a hunger by those who oppose Barack Obama to re-run those tapes, to keep him at the center of controversy, to let this overhang and define Barack Obama, when it has, you know — it has very, very little to do — it’s a very marginal piece of who Barack Obama is and what he stands for. And it takes attention away — we have huge, huge problems facing this country....I think it’s time for him to get off the stage and frankly, for... continue reading
Welcome, Pope “Rottweiler” “On World News this Sunday, who is Pope Benedict? The sometimes controversial Pope comes to America this week....Joseph Ratzinger, the so-called ‘Professor Pope,’ grew up in Nazi Germany, a studious boy who was unwillingly drafted into the army. At the Vatican, he developed a reputation as a brilliant theologian, and also a hard-liner, strenuously condemning divorce, homosexuality and abortion. As Pope John Paul’s lieutenant, he earned nicknames like ‘Cardinal No,’ and ‘God’s Rottweiler.’...Benedict has also created controversy, like in this speech where he included a quote calling Islam evil. Afterwards, there were riots in the Muslim world... continue reading
Obama Wins the Media “[Barack] Obama really won over his base, he won over the American media. They loved that speech.” — The Politico ’s Roger Simon on CBS’s Face the Nation on March 23, talking about Obama’s speech on race. Speech: “Daring” Act of “Honor” “Welcome to World News. Tonight, Barack Obama delivers a major speech confronting the race issue head on....It may turn out to be the seminal speech of his presidential campaign....Obama challenged Americans to confront the country’s racial divide. An extraordinary speech.” — Charles Gibson opening ABC’s World News , March 18. “He gave a great... continue reading
Guess He Liked It “A speech worthy of Abraham Lincoln....What I personally view as the best speech ever given on race in this coun-try....I think this is the kind of speech I think first graders should see, people in the last year of college should see before they go out in the world. This should be, to me, an American tract. Something that you just check in with, now and then, like reading Great Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn....One of the great speeches in American history.” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews talking about Barack Obama’s speech on race relations, March 18 Hardball... continue reading
Guzzling Obama’s Kool-Aid “Even in the conversations we have as colleagues, there is a sense of trying especially hard not to drink the Kool-Aid. It’s so rapturous, everything around him [Barack Obama]. All these huge rallies.” — Correspondent Lee Cowan, who covers Obama for NBC News, as quoted by New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg in a March 1 story. Barack “Springsteen” Obama “If you’ve never been to an Obama rally before, a word of advice: go early. Think Springsteen concerts, but the tickets are free....Inside, they felt the warm glow of hope.... Obama’s true believers respond as though they’ve... continue reading
Chris Gets His Thrill On Co-anchor Chris Matthews: “I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech. My — I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often.” Co-anchor Keith Olbermann: “Steady.” Matthews: “No, seriously. It’s a dramatic event. He speaks about America in a way that has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the feeling we have about our country. And that is an objective assessment.” — Exchange during MSNBC’s coverage... continue reading
Gushing Over “Son of Camelot” “Today they gathered by the thousands at American University, sensing a moment of history. John F. Kennedy gave the commencement address here five months before he was shot. And today, the audacity of hope had its rendezvous with destiny. The Kennedy clan anointed Barack Obama a son of Camelot.” — ABC’s David Wright on the January 28 World News , reporting on Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama. “Today, the audacity of hope had its rendezvous with destiny. No mere endorsement this, more like a political anointment from the Kennedys, merging ideals from two different eras....Obama... continue reading
The Democrats’ Mr. Cool “He’s come from a white family and a black family, and he’s married to a black woman, and they’re cool people. They are really cool. They are Jack and Jackie Kennedy when you see them together. They are cool. And they’re great-looking, and they’re cool and they’re young, and they’re — everything seems to be great....He may not win this thing because everybody in America is not going to be in a room with him somewhere....[But] if you’re in [a room] with Obama, you feel the spirit. Moving.” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews talking about Democratic candidate... continue reading
Rare Moment of Truth “There’s also the press out there. There’s an establishment press — which is just as establishment as the establishment of the Democratic Party — who can’t wait to write that fawning piece, ‘Here come the Clintons again.’” — Hardball host Chris Matthews prior to the New Hampshire primary talking about the obstacles facing Obama’s candidacy, MSNBC’s Morning Joe , January 7. Victim of Sexist Double-Standard “Is there a no-cry zone for politicians, for female politicians, especially for Hillary Clinton?...From this woman in particular, who remains stoic publicly even as her emotional world caved in, who has... continue reading
“A Superb Choice” Co-host Meredith Vieira: “A lot of people think Al Gore is going to be the choice [for Person of the Year].” Time managing editor Richard Stengel: “He’s had an extraordinary year. He’s had an extraordinary influence. There was a real tipping point this year in terms of people being conscious of the environment. So, he would be a superb choice.” Vieira: “He’s on the short list?” Stengel: “He’s on the short list.” — Previewing Time ’s Person of the Year selection on NBC’s Today, December 17. Gore wound up being the top runner-up to Russian President Vladimir... continue reading