Notable Quotables

Wright Resignation "And if his moving speech today does not restore those decencies he so wistfully remembered today, then perhaps history will remember that at least he tried." - Reporter Jim Wooten on ABC's World News Tonight , May 31. "Both Coelho and Wright stand accused of committing the Republican sin - greed. They have shown that Democrats should leave that field to the Republicans." - Washington Post columnist Mary McGrory, May 30. The Loss of Tony Coelho " the most dramatic victim yet of the Age of Accusation that now dominates American politics." - Newsweek reporter Howard Fineman in... continue reading
Bush & The Environment "Several signals, including Bush's slow response to the Alaska oil spill and his refusal even to consider an increase in the gasoline tax have raised concern that he is not the kind of forceful, decisive leader the country needs to deal with the growing environmental crisis." - Dick Thompson in Time magazine's "Environment" section, May 22 issue. Oliver North "Why not 10 years of community service in a Nicaraguan hospital changing the wounds of women and children whose limbs were blown off by U.S.-supplied and Contra-laid land mines? Why not 10 years of cleaning latrines at... continue reading
North Trial "Just the first of several criminal trials with their roots in concerns that a secret clique of ideological zealots may have run policy and operations outside the American constitutional system of checks and balances." - Dan Rather on CBS News Special Report, May 4. "That's what they were: a small group of powerful people with an abiding distrust of the democratic process, unwilling to let the public's view get in the way of their own." - USA Today editorial. "Whether it's in the White House, or it's in Central Park, the American people don't want to tolerate wilding,... continue reading
Ted Turner "I absolutely trust them [Soviet leaders] with my life. They're not even an enemy anymore." - Turner quoted in the April 13 Washington Post . Abortion "There may well be systematic attempts to assassinate doctors who perform abortions. Or we may have snipers lying in wait to kill pregnant women entering abortion centers." - Harry Schwartz, former member of The New York Times editorial board, on what will happen if Roe vs. Wade is upheld, from April 25 column for USA Today . "For a while it seemed as if no one was taking them all that seriously... continue reading
Cuban Military Power "These days Cuba doesn't count for nearly as much in the Soviet military scheme of things,...Much of the old and obsolete. Although with its militia the Cuban armed forces are the largest in Latin America, this Soviet weaponry is years behind the times." - ABC's Richard Threlkeld on World News Tonight , April 3. "The Soviets have spent billions of dollars keeping Fidel Castro supplied....The equipment, the best the Soviet Union can supply....Fidel Castro still believes in the Mao adage that power comes from the barrel of a gun. And his island bristles with some of... continue reading
Unemployment "Some analysts said that the country's now close to full employment, the point at which the available labor pool dries up. That's not the same as saying that everyone who wants a job has a job. But business correspondent Ray Brady reports the high employment rate is causing problems." - CBS Evening News Anchor Charles Kuralt, March 10. Lee Atwater "At the same time, Atwater - who cut his political teeth as a protege of South Carolina's once segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond - downplayed his role in devising the crypto-racist Willie Horton ads that helped Bush win the White... continue reading
The Media and Quayle "I do not think the public apprehends fully the difference between the reporting journalists did on Dan Quayle, which damaged him politically, and, say, the job George Bush's propagandist Roger Ailes did on Michael Dukakis. The work of the first was guided by certain standards....The work of the latter was utterly without them." - Baltimore Sun Foreign Editor Richard O'Mara in the February 11 Editor & Publisher . The Washington Post "But what's so incredible is that while the Post 's reporting is the best in the country...its editorial policy, the tradition of Eugene Meyer and... continue reading
Remembering Reagan & Evaluating Bush "Though heir to an Administration that had been myopic about the sensitivities of minorities, Darwinian about the plight of the poor and shockingly permissive about the ethics of its members, Bush tactfully made clear his own sterner standards...Bush put his hand to his chest, managing to convey the patrician's distaste for the grimy standards he had lived with, though uncomplainingly, since 1981." - from the Time book, The Winning of the White House 1988 . "He appealed to traditional American values - bigotry, envy, greed, chauvinism and fear...Reagan was more subtle." - Clark Clifford on... continue reading
Overtown "After eight years of what many saw as the Reagan Administration's benign neglect of the poor and studied indifference to civil rights, a lot of those who lived through this week in Overtown seemed to think the best thing about George Bush is that he is not Ronald Reagan....There is an Overtown in every big city in America. Pockets of misery made even meaner and more desperate the past eight years." - Richard Threlkeld on ABC's World News Tonight , January 20. Economy "I mean the wolf at the door is the deficit, the termites in the foundation is... continue reading
Reagan and Blacks "But Lee, blacks have looked at the past eight years and seen this administration retreat from civil rights, retreat from affirmative action, make South Africa no priority, continue to see a greater disparity economically between blacks and whites, foster a spirit of racism that hasn't been seen in 20 plus years. What makes you think blacks are going to say, okay, these [Republicans] are going to break with what used to be?" - Question from Bryant Gumbel to RNC Chairman Lee Atwater on NBC's Today , January 19. Inaugural Address "We had heard that he was going... continue reading