Notable Quotables

Earthquake: It's Reagan's Fault, As Usual Michael Kinsley: "If they had spent the money, which they are now planning to spend to fix the Bay Bridge, beforehand, which they didn't, in part because of Proposition 13 and other Republican budget-cutting programs, that bridge wouldn't have collapsed, there would be people alive today." Pat Buchanan: "The California budget is about two and a half times what it was in 1978. What are you talking about?...Why don't you blame it on Reagan? That would be consistent." Kinsley: "I'm blaming it on Reagan, you, and all the other cheap Republicans who don't understand... continue reading
Homeless Hype I "Spring-like temperatures on a Fall day made for a carnival-like atmosphere, but an occasional chilly breeze forewarned that winter is on the way and three million Americans have no place to call home." - Candy Crowley on CNN PrimeNews , October 7. Homeless Reality I "In 1988, the National Academy of Sciences discovered 650,000 homeless in the nation; the Urban Institute found 570,000....In 1988, the General Accounting Office reviewed 22 city studies and found 300,000 to 600,000 as the national parameters. All are about one-fifth the hyped estimates." - Economics columnist Warren Brookes in The Washington Times... continue reading
Tax Hike Demands "If we don't find some way to raise new revenues, that means taxes, we're going to continue this self-deception, we're going to continue to add to the national deficit, we're going to continue to cause this country to head toward an economic abyss." - Sam Donaldson on This Week , September 24. "If you want to compare us to other industrialized democracies, never mind one that presumes to leadership of the free world, we tax ourselves at a very, very lenient rate. We're not taxing ourselves enough to pay for the programs that we've got and the... continue reading
Drug Money I "The President says the issue is not money, but in fact it is money, and everything in this plan is constrained by the fact that one, the President does not want to ask for new taxes, and two, we're working under the Gramm-Rudman budget restrictions. There just isn't money." - Lesley Stahl on the CBS News special after Bush's speech, September 5. Drug Money II "It won't be as easy to get Congress in line, because the fight's not really about drug policy, it's about taxes. Congressional Democrats want the President to agree to raising them so... continue reading
Barney Frank "I've known Barney Frank since I was in college. He's a man of surpassing integrity that I've never known to be questioned. I think he's a master politician, which people forget. He's also a magnificent Congressman, and above all, there is nothing in this episode that counters any of those other images, and I would expect him to survive this smear in good standing." - Boston Globe Washington Bureau reporter and columnist Tom Oliphant on Inside Washington , August 26. "SEX SCANDAL PERILS FRANK: Back home, constituents reconsider" - Washington Times , August 31. "For Now, Constituents Supporting... continue reading
Economic Doom & Gloom "Sluggish is the word several analysts were using today, explaining why they're not convinced the economy is out of danger. As long as economic growth stays slow-and consumer spending, housing, and industrial output-recession is a risk that won't disappear." - CBS News reporter Richard Roth, August 11 Evening News . "The danger is that as the economy picks up, it could become too much of a good thing. Borrowing and buying by consumers could become excessive. Prices and interest rates could take off. The problems would again become how to avoid a hard landing." - Irving... continue reading
Sandinista Success Stories "The Sandinistas brought with them Marxist ideas about spreading wealth and creating a new, unselfish society. And in the first few years, they did manage to reduce illiteracy, the infant death rate and launched the biggest land reform in Central America. But the Reagan Administration saw the Sandinistas as a threat and forced them into a war with the U.S.-backed Contras." - Reporter Peter Collins on ABC's World News Tonight , July 19. "Sandinista critics direct predictions of totalitarianism have also failed to come true...Nicaragua today is neither a classless social democracy nor a communist dungeon. Opposition... continue reading
Bush & Hungary I >"Tomorrow, the President speaks to students at Karl Marx University, continuing, his aides say, to avoid directly challenging Soviet leader Gorbachev, whose own moves toward reform make him a hero here." - Reporter Lesley Stahl on the CBS Evening News , July 11. Bush & Hungary II "If he had come to Hungary and attacked the Soviets, these people would have loved it. They hate the Russians." - Same reporter the next night. Reagan & The Poor "Largely as a result of the policies and priorities of the Reagan Administration, more people are becoming poor and... continue reading
Oliver North "He's one of the biggest liars in American history." - Tom Braden on Crossfire , July 5. "What on earth could Washington's inner-city youth have done to U.S. District Judge Gerhard Gesell for him to impose a convicted felon on them as a role model?....Will we see little North clones in brown shirts marching around the ghetto quoting from Ollie's oracles of heroism and morality? Can't you envision North handing out portable paper shredders to school kids?...If teachers complained, North's covert kiddy crew could ransom grades for stolen hubcaps." - Barbara Reynolds, "Inquiry" Editor of USA Today ,... continue reading
Foley Memo "'Have you no sense of decency sir?' That was the question Army counsel Joseph Welch asked Joseph McCarthy 35 years ago when the Senator ruined the lives of those who did not agree with him by impugning their character and patriotism. The same question could be posed to Republican National Committee Chairman Lee Atwater, his Communications Director Mark Goodin and Congressman Newt Gingrich." - Time Senior Writer Margaret Carlson in the June 19 issue. "Atwater's fouling the civic atmosphere with vicious misinformation is bad enough; compounding that with the White House hypocrisy is too much. If Bush really... continue reading