Notable Quotables

Tough Love for Lithuania "Free at last, the temptation is to exercise all that freedom - fully, quickly and sometimes unwisely. Often, it means biting the hand that freed and fed you. Lithuania is the latest and most ludicrous example....There is little more logic to Lithuania being permitted to unilaterally and unlawfully declare its independence from the USSR than there would be for Texas to secede from the USA. Both were grabbed during a war. But both owe much to their modern-day mother country. Gorby has a right to feel livid about Lithuania. The way you might feel about a... continue reading
Nostalgia for the Wall "Few tears will be shed over the demise of the East German army, but what about East Germany's eighty symphony orchestras, bound to lose some subsidies, or the whole East German system, which covered everyone in a security blanket from day care to health care, from housing to education? Some people are beginning to express, if ever so slightly, nostalgia for that Berlin Wall." - CBS reporter Bob Simon on the March 16 Evening News . Gysi Yes, Gysi No "There are no East German Walesas, Gorbachevs, or Havels. There is, however, Gregor Gysi, leader of... continue reading
Hunting Down Red October "Will there be any reviews aside from this one that don't begin or end with the observation that the Cold War is over and therefore this movie is anachronistic?" - Wall Street Journal film critic David Brooks, March 1. "If you're miffed because the Cold War's over, Ceaucescu's dead, the Sandinistas lost the election in Nicaragua and it seems like there's no one around to hate any more, then maybe The Hunt for Red October is just the thing....This is a Reagan youth's wet dream of underwater ballistics and East-West conflict." - Washington Post film critic... continue reading
Ted Turner, Meet Al Neuharth "Marx and Lenin are still revered heroes. Never mind that communism as they conceived it didn't work. Most Soviets don't want to dump it, just improve on it." - USA Today founder Al Neuharth in Feb. 9 column. State of the Union "We would like to believe the State of the Union address is a time when the President tells the American people the way it is. But no one really wants to hear that, so the President keeps reality down to a minimum. The President was remarkably upbeat for a man who runs a... continue reading
Deficit Solutions and Causes "Without a surplus to mask the deficit, the White House and Congress would have to confront it more honestly-raise taxes or gouge the Pentagon." - Reporter Dale Russakoff on the Moynihan Social Security tax cut plan, January 18 Washington Post . "Ah yes. The dreaded federal deficit, created, for the most part, by the most massive peacetime military buildup in America's history." - Reporter Jim Wooten on ABC's Nightline , January 29. Soviet Military Threat "CIA's Webster sees upgrade in Soviet's nuclear menace" - Washington Times , January 24 "CIA chief sees diminished Soviet threat" -... continue reading
Beantown Blame "Ronald Reagan. Lee Atwater. George Bush. Charles Stuart. Ray Flynn. The Boston Globe . These are as connected as runners passing a baton, especially when it comes to tarring and feathering an entire race because of a set of distorted perceptions....Charles Stuart got permission from these national leaders to kill his wife and blame a black man for it...You don't have to wear a sheet to be a bigot. You just have to pass the baton of sick and skewed perceptions, like Reagan, Atwater, Bush, Stuart, Flynn and the Globe ." - USA Today "guest columnist" Julianne Malveaux,... continue reading
Never Satisfied "Now, having launched one of the largest American invasion forces since the days of the Vietnam War, Mr. Bush is erasing his old image of being timid, but the new question now, almost overnight, is whether this President is exhibiting signs of being reckless." - Reporter Wyatt Andrews on CBS News special report on Panama, December 21. America's Evil Empire "For decades, Panamanians needed only to gaze at the highest point in their capital, to the giant American flag on a promontory called Ancon Hill, to be reminded of the political and military power that ruled their country... continue reading
Quote of the Month "For the most part, the Nicaraguan Contras burned villages and murdered civilians. On behalf of their cause, Reagan sold out his oath of office and subverted the Constitution.... "Oliver North presented himself as the immortal boy in the heroic green uniform of Peter Pan. Although wishing to be seen as a humble patriot, the colonel's testimony showed him to be a treacherous and lying agent of the national security state, willing to do anything asked of him by a President to whom he granted the powers of an Oriental despot." - Harper 's Editor Lewis Lapham... continue reading
Carter Legacy "Historians will note, for example, that it was Jimmy Carter who focused the nation's attention on the need for energy conservation and defined human rights as a legitimate consideration in foreign policy....But analysts will also recognize that Ronald Reagan presided over a meltdown of the federal government during the last eight years. Fundamental management was abandoned in favor of rhetoric and imagery. A cynical disregard for the art of government led to wide-scale abuse. Only now are we coming to realize the cost of Mr. Reagan's laissez-faire: the crisis in the savings and loan industry, the scandal in... continue reading
Kill the Contras for Peace "Latins do not believe the Soviets want any more bases in this hemisphere: Cuba is enough, they say. Their hope, as it has been for a long time, is that the U.S. will disband the Contras once and for all, and then, maybe, just maybe, there will be a chance for peace." - Reporter Ed Rabel on NBC Nightly News , October 28. "The latest incident of alleged Contra violence in south central Nicaragua killed whatever chances there might have been for the 19 month old ceasefire agreement to be extended....The Sandinistas argue that they've... continue reading