Notable Quotables

What Is The Second Amendment? "A constitutional right which gun lovers have lorded over us for years. But the right to bear arms has blossomed into the right to deliver instruments of certain death into the hands of people who probably aren't sportsmen and probably aren't collectors...While our children are being gunned down by thugs and criminals, we continue to allow ourselves to be bullied by a gun lobby which refuses to budge on issues which make simple common sense....Constitutional rights? Ask the parents of the children who were shot this summer about the right to bear arms. They bear... continue reading
War in Iraq? Blame Reagan Reporter Lisa Myers: "The problem is that slow but steady progress on energy conservation came to a screeching halt in the mid-1980s, which is a big reason Iraq has us over a barrel today....What derailed the conservation effort? Two things: a sharp drop in oil prices, and the Reagan Administration." James Wolf, Alliance to Save Energy: "They were a disaster. President Reagan's administration fought on the wrong side of the energy efficiency wars. They opposed every initiative to improve energy efficiency." Myers: "In some cases, Reagan actually turned back the clock, relaxing auto efficiency requirements,... continue reading
Saddamologists "Talking about Kuwait in this camp is like talking about Sutton Place in the South Bronx. The Kuwaitis, they say, have billions of dollars invested abroad while there's hunger here and in many parts of the Arab world....The Kuwaitis built a wall around their perfume garden, and only let other Arabs in to keep it green. When Saddam Hussein broke it down, he acted out the secret dream of every Arab who'd ever worked there. And the Arab world is now rising in anger against the United States." - Reporter Bob Simon on the CBS Evening News , August... continue reading
A World Without Brennan "The Brennan departure has also caused concern about the survivability of affirmative action programs. In civil rights circles, there is fear that a Supreme Court, with a philosophical scale weighted to the right, will no longer be a force for social change...Also seen at risk in a court without Brennan, the limits of individual freedom." - CNN reporter Candy Crowley on PrimeNews , July 21. "Among the rights certainly to be affected this time: abortion. Brennan was a forceful advocate for women's rights and civil rights....Affirmative action programs which Brennan supported may now be doomed. Freedom... continue reading
Oh No, Wall Street Sets A Record Reporter Mark Phillips: "A record-setting day on Wall Street. Today, the Dow Jones average reached an all-time high....the economic signs are not good. Consumer spending has been down for three months in a row, the first time that's happened since the recession of the early '80s." Gary Shilling, Economist: "It's very bad news for the economy, in that the Fed is finally admitting what some of us have thought for some time, and that is that the economy is already in a recession." - Lead story on the CBS Evening News , July... continue reading
Bush: Not Satisfying Women "President Bush not only broke his campaign pledge on taxes, he hasn't done much to endear himself to women voters, either. Witness his veto Friday of the parental leave bill." - NBC national correspondent Katherine Couric on Today , July 2. Middle East War Prospects "Middle East appears to be on collision course with war" - Washington Times , July 2. vs. "New Middle East War Seen Unlikely" - Washington Post , same day. Dan's Mandela Tribute "The power of Nelson Mandela is the power of the idea and the ideal. Nelson Mandela knows in what... continue reading
Fascist Flag Protectors "By one measure, the eruption of patriotism comes at an unlikely moment. Typically, nations cling to symbols at times of insecurity - Adolf Hitler made it a crime to 'publicly profane' the Swastika." - Newsweek Senior Writer Eloise Salholz, June 25 issue. Reunification: Disaster for German Women "Economic freedom means freedom to fail as well as succeed. And for most German women, whether in East or West, reunification is looking like a giant step backward." - USA Today business reporter Martha T. Moore, June 4. "East Germany provides what may be the world's most extensive family services... continue reading
Just Another Capitalist Machine "Soviet people have become accustomed to security if nothing else. Life isn't good here, but people don't go hungry, homeless; a job has always been guaranteed. Now all socialist bets are off. A market economy looms, and the social contract that has held Soviet society together for 72 years no longer applies. The people seem baffled, disappointed, let down. Many don't like the prospect of their nation becoming just another capitalist machine." - CNN Moscow reporter Steve Hurst on PrimeNews , May 24. "Communism is being swept away, but so too is the social safety net... continue reading
Read Media Lips "The bottom line is more tax money is going to be needed. Just how much will be the primary issue on the agenda when Congressional leaders meet with the President later today, Wednesday, May the 9th, 1990. And good morning, welcome to Today . It's a Wednesday morning, a day when the budget picture, frankly, seems gloomier than ever. It now seems the time has come to pay the fiddler for our costly dance of the Reagan years." - Bryant Gumbel opening NBC's Today , May 9. "Could it be, though, that finally, finally, [Bush] is facing... continue reading
Can't Cut Enough from Defense "Secretary Cheney enhanced his image as a cold warrior today, trimming only two and a half billion dollars from a defense budget that many critics say ignores the prospect of peace with the Soviets." - NBC Pentagon correspondent Fred Francis, April 26 Nightly News . Live From the DNC, I Mean ABC "Remember, Republicans have been very successful blaming Democrats for raising taxes without getting blamed for the higher budget deficit. So the problem for Democrats is how to cooperate with the President without being blamed once again." - ABC anchor Peter Jennings on World... continue reading