Notable Quotables

Selective Media Outrage "The script process is very normal for war time, I would say....We write our scripts, we find one of the censors who's down in the hotel lobby, and we show it to the censor, who reads it, and sometimes there's a slight change of a word here or there. Very often you may say something you didn't realize would touch a sensitivity, but there's not been any kind of heavy censorship in my experience here so far. It's a fairly easy understanding we have." - Baghdad-based ABC reporter Bill Blakemore on Iraqi censorship, February 11 World News... continue reading
CBS: Truth is the First Casualty "Someone once said the truth is rarely pure and never simple. It's never truer, that saying, than it is in the early stages of war. Truth is frequently the first casualty of any war, and it will be in this one. It's inevitable." - Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News , January 16. "Now the evidence, Bill [Plante], is that the Israelis are, as we speak, in the process of retaliating against the Iraqis for the six, at least six, Scuds that hit Israel....We'll try to keep you up to date on this... continue reading
A Reasonable Solution "It's a morbid observation, but if everyone on earth just stopped breathing for an hour, the greenhouse effect would no longer be a problem." - Newsweek Senior Writer Jerry Adler, December 31 issue. Man of the Year "It's got to be Saddam Hussein, a two-bit dictator who's got a superpower on the run." - Newsweek Washington reporter Eleanor Clift selecting her Person of the Year, December 30 McLaughlin Group . United Soviet States "Gorbachev sees a strong central government with control over defense, money, exports, and resources with the fifteen republics like American states under federal rule."... continue reading
Marxist, Communist...Let's Call the Whole Thing Off "A television review on Nov. 27 about High Crimes and Misdemeanors , a Frontline report on Channels 13 and 49 about the Iran-Contra affair, described the Sandinista government of Nicaragua incorrectly. While Marxist, it was not Communist." - New York Times Corrections box, December 7. The Year Gone By "But don't you think the pro-lifers now, Tom [Brokaw] and Jane [Pauley], don't you think that they are, if anything now, a little reticent to make it an issue because experience has shown that when they make it an issue they lose?" - Bryant... continue reading
They Never Knew They Had It So Good "Under communism few grew rich, but few went hungry; in many cases people enjoyed surprisingly high levels of prosperity. In Poland, for example, wealthy entrepreneurs were able to afford Western luxury automobiles; in Czechoslovakia ownership of second homes was common. Now many may no longer be able to enjoy such extravagance." - Time Warsaw correspondent John Borrell, December 3 news story. "Poles had hoped that the long wait had ended, but it has not. After four decades of standing in communism's food lines, capitalism has created a new place to wait: at... continue reading
Vermont's Mainstream Socialist "Bernie Sanders, former mayor of Burlington, wants to reorder the nation's priorities in favor of ordinary people....Whether they like him or not, most here would agree that socialist Bernie Sanders is no fringe politician, and his margin of victory would attest to that. He drew that support by promising to cut defense spending and tax the rich, and use the money for national health care, the environment, and education." - ABC reporter Bob Jamieson, November 11 World News Tonight . Still Campaigning for Gantt "For liberals who had hoped to retire the Senate's most outspoken reactionary, the... continue reading
The Crash of Reaganomics? "If there's anything that we heard out there at the polls today, it was the sound of Reaganomics crashing all around us. If there's anything left of Reagan's trickle-down theory, Dan, it seems to be anxiety which seems to be trickling down through just about every segment of our society." - Ed Bradley during CBS News election night coverage, November 6. "We have a lot of turnovers where Republican Governors raised taxes and they have been turned out." - Lesley Stahl, also during CBS election coverage. Hating Helms, Hoping for Harvey "What Helms has done is... continue reading
Budget Balderdash "Well, House Republicans are the big problem because they've been trying to count, and they really are a minority of a minority and they're inconsequential. So they are now being ripped apart....They are just really torn apart between wanting chaos, wanting to destroy everything and not have an agreement, sort of a scorched-earth, Newt Gingrich-led policy, and wanting to be conciliatory and come up with a solution....The Democratic plan is really a genius of a plan because it does everything that most people, 81 percent of Americans, would want: It raises taxes on the rich." - NBC Capitol... continue reading
Budget Disaster? Blame Reagan "The tax package hammered out last weekend continues a Washington policy established in the Reagan era: It takes a heavy bite out of the paychecks of working-class Americans." - Beginning of front page story by Boston Globe reporter Charles Stein, October 2. "Conservatives describe this as the second phase of the Reagan Revolution; Democrats see it as the sorry result. Both are right. Reagan's 1981 budget-and-tax-cutting frenzy found Democrats and Republicans slashing social spending for the poor, passing more responsibility to their state and local brethren." - Assistant Managing Editor Gloria Borger and Senior Editor Kenneth... continue reading
Silber 1, Media 0 "A firestorm of controversy over the latest 'shocker' from Boston University president-on-leave John Silber has seemingly doomed his challenge to former state Attorney General Francis X. Bellotti for the Democratic nomination." - Washington Post political reporter David Broder after Silber referred to "drug addicts" in a poor area of Boston, September 14 Post. Four days later Silber won by 10 points. "Whether Silber is right about any or all of this doesn't matter. What does matter is that Silber once had a golden opportunity to be Governor of Massachusetts and today might have a difficult time... continue reading