Notable Quotables

Clarence Thomas: Black and White "Clarence Thomas is the best only at his ability to bootlick for Ronald Reagan and George Bush...They didn't pick him because he was black. They picked him because he's a black conservative. And the thing that bothers me about his appointment - if they had put David Duke on, I wouldn't scream as much because they would look at David Duke and reject him for what he is. If you gave Clarence Thomas a little flour on his face, you'd think you had David Duke talking." - Columnist Carl Rowan on Inside Washington , July... continue reading
"Most People" Worried About Clarence Thomas "The thing that has most people worried, though, is the statement he once made about what are called the unenumerated rights, the things like abortion that are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. And he once talked about how judges should not be roaming unfettered through the Constitution and to some people that means they should not expand those rights, should not expand abortion. I think that's what's behind all this concern." - CBS legal reporter Rita Braver, July 1 CBS Evening News . Conservative Court: Against Individual Rights "The new court is very... continue reading
Sununu Slamming "Twelve million American children who do not have enough to eat, who lack adequate health care, and who are behind in schools and being left behind in life. Much of our broadcast will be dedicated to that. Which makes the major news in Washington today seem even more of a contrast. The President's Chief of Staff, John Sununu, is at the center of attention again having to do with his use of limousines and corporate jets." - ABC's Peter Jennings opening the June 18 World News Tonight . No Wonder They Can't Figure Out the Number of Homeless... continue reading
Bush Unjustly Lives "With Bush's doctors saying the President is well on the road to recovery, the story would seem to have a happy ending, except for one potentially big White House public relations problem. If Bush had been one of the 32 million Americans who have no health insurance, he conceivably could have died from lack of treatment or have been wiped out financially in an effort to pay for the care. The issue threatens to plague the President as he seeks re-election." - Boston Globe Washington reporter Michael Kranish inventing a front page "news story," May 27. Go... continue reading
How to Save New York "Take the $50 billion we'll spend subduing the next 'Middle East Madman' and give it to our 50,000 homeless people. Each would receive a ranch home ($250,000), store credit at Barney's ($10,000), college education ($80,000), two cars ($60,000), deluxe motor home ($45,000), country club membership ($25,000), plus golf lessons and a decent set of clubs ($5,000), speedboat ($25,000) and $500,000 in cash." - CBS News correspondent Bill Geist on how to save New York City, May 17 New York Times survey. Arrogance on Parade "We made Gen. [H. Norman] Schwarzkopf what he is today, and... continue reading
Defeat from Victory "U.S. policy collapsed on March 19, 1989, when the Salvadoran people elected Alfredo Cristiani, a coffee oligarch and presidential standard-bearer of the neo-Fascist Arena party, in a landslide victory." - New York Times State Department correspondent Clifford Krauss in his new book, Inside Central America . Sandinista Achievements "[Oliver North] and the Reagan Administration placed the United States in the role of a cruel bully, waging a dirty war to defend security interests that even its closest allies did not believe were truly threatened.... "Sandinista leaders could claim other successes as well. They encouraged Nicaraguans to take... continue reading
Nuke-Managua Robocops "Nancy [Reagan] thought Watergate was a stupid, immoral, illegal thing to do. She opposed aid to the Contras. She was against a pardon for Ollie North. She also pushed Babar [Ronald Reagan] into an arms treaty with the Russians, because she wanted him to win a Nobel Prize. On some things, at least, I'm glad he listened more to her than to the fast-buck thugees and nuke-Managua robocops. Even astrology's better than whatever those wise guys were smoking." - CBS Sunday Morning literary critic John Leonard on Kitty Kelley's book Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography , April 14... continue reading
The Parade of Reagan Cliches "What the country did not need was the surfeit of feel-good illusions Reagan sold so successfully. Every politician peddles hope in bright ribbons. The saddest and scariest conclusion one takes from this book is that Reagan fully believed his spiels even at their most outlandish. That gut sincerity and his actor's skills let him ring up record sales in the '80s. Paying the bills is America's hellish task in the '90s and perhaps beyond." - Time Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Laurence Barrett reviewing Lou Cannon's Reagan book, April 15. "We went through a trance with... continue reading
Baghdad Bowen Comes Clean... "The message that came from them very strongly in Baghdad was that they're pretty sick of Saddam Hussein. They don't like the man, they don't like what he's done to their country, and they'd like to be rid of him." - BBC Baghdad reporter Jeremy Bowen on NBC News at Sunrise after reporters were kicked out of Baghdad, March 8. "But the air war itself, as it goes on, has shown no sign of diminishing Saddam's support here....all the people that we talk to with the television cameras say that the continuing air attacks have in... continue reading
Saddam Hussein: Capable Military Mind? Reporter Arthur Kent: "Saddam Hussein is a cunning man and nowhere does he show that more clearly than on a battlefield when he's under attack." Anchor Faith Daniels: "And that, Arthur, really seems to be this Administration's greatest miscalculation." Arthur Kent: "That's right, Faith. He is ruthless, but more than ruthless. In the past 11 days, he's surprised us. He's shown us a capable military mind and he still seems to know exactly what he's doing." - Exchange from NBC special America: The Realities of War , January 27. "As far as Saddam Hussein being... continue reading