Notable Quotables

ABC's On-Air Thank You Card "As one parent put it: `There is no better way to make me change my opinion than to change the world for my child.' With nothing more than a listening ear, that is what Bill Clinton did." - ABC reporter Tom Foreman describing ABC's own February 20 program featuring President Clinton talking to children, February 20 World News Saturday . Jennings' Jihad on the Pentagon "We had just come out of Desert Storm, in which to this country's disgrace, and to the government's disgrace, and I would also argue the public's disgrace, which did not... continue reading
THE CLINTON ECONOMIC PLAN Special Amnesia Edition Editor's Note: Reporters told the voters last fall that Bill Clinton would cut taxes for the middle class, and that his economic plan was solid and credible. When President Bush and Vice President Quayle said otherwise, reporters called their assertions misleading or wrong. Would reporters apologize, or praise his actual economic plan? Read on: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on Clinton's Tax Promises "President Bush's new ad portrays Bill Clinton as a big taxer and a danger to the middle class....That's misleading. In fact, Clinton has proposed cutting taxes for the sort of people in... continue reading
The Czar of Bizarre "It doesn't really matter if the culture needs another cop show. Personally I'd like to see a weekly series where social problems are solved through creative nonviolence after a Quaker meeting by a collection of vegetarian carpenters. But I am not your Czar. Another cop show is exactly what we get tonight immediately after the Super Bowl." - CBS Sunday Morning television critic John Leonard on the new NBC cop show Homicide , January 31. Tax Hikes: The Right Thing "Clinton is much craftier than George Bush in avoiding the kind of `Read My Lips' vow... continue reading
Inauguration Ratherisms "Mr. Clinton was about as relaxed as a pound of liver." - Dan Rather referring to his earlier interview with Clinton, January 20 CBS This Morning . "If an American inauguration can't bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye, if you don't feel as corny as Kansas in August, maybe you need a jump-start and some vitamins." - Rather during inauguration coverage. In and Out of the Loops Bush Makes Public Iran-Contra Diary Entries Suggest He Did Not Know Details of Scandal - New York Times , Jan. 16 >Diary says Bush Knew... continue reading
Most Popular Inauguration Ever "It's an exciting time to be in Washington. I work near the little store where they're selling the Inaugural commemorative items and there is a line going out the door and around the corner. People are excited. They're happy about change. They're intrigued by Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and their families. And I think you're going to see crowds for these inaugural events the likes of which we haven't seen in Washington ever." - Wall Street Journal reporter Jill Abramson on C-SPAN's Journalists' Roundtable , January 8. The Media Hope So Clinton as National Idol: Can... continue reading
Unpardonable Pardons "Until the truth about the Iran-Contra scandal is truly un-covered, and all responsible are made to answer for it, it may be difficult for any of us to trust that the policies made by the Congress we elect aren't being overturned by our own spies, suave diplomats, and good soldiers. President Bush called the men he pardoned patriots, and no doubt they are. So is Mr. Bush. But patriotism isn't simply loving your country. It's not looking for pardons from the law." - Weekend Today co-host Scott Simon, December 26. "Walsh's investigation of the President will continue. The... continue reading
What? Is the Clinton Expansion Here? Rebound Seen, but a Slow One - New York Times headline on July-October economic statistics, November 30 Media on Economic Growth: Whoops! "Most economists agree that the U.S. recovery is far weaker than the recent 2.7 percent GDP growth spurt indicates. `That was a nice number, but not sustainable,' says Lea Tyler, manager of U.S. economic forecasting for Oxford Economics in Pennsylvania. The results included a temporary bulge in defense orders and a consumer shopping spree that blossomed in July but quickly faded in August." - Time Senior Writer John Greenwald, November 23 issue... continue reading
Time Swoons Over the Sexy President "At a moment when the American libido seems to oscillate between Puritanism and rampant exhibitionism, how significant is it that for the first time in more than 30 years the nation has elected a President with sex appeal?....The swooning and the cooing on the rope lines during the last days of the Clinton campaign were unavoidably reminiscent of Kennedy. In Louisville, Kentucky, the scene seemed out of Beatlemania....Cheryl Russell, editor of The Boomer Report , a monthly newsletter on consumer trends, captures a new dimension in the national psyche when she confides, 'Every woman... continue reading
Clinton Wins: It's Reagan's Fault "When I covered Bush's 1980 primary campaign against Ronald Reagan, he opposed Reagan's economic program. He called it `voodoo economics' - said it wouldn't work. But then of course, Bush agreed to be Reagan's running mate. For eight years, he supported policies which, it is now widely acknowledged, contributed mightily to our excesses then and our economic problems now; above all, America being held hostage by debt. George Bush went along to get ahead, and it worked. He became President. Now Ronald Reagan is in happy retirement in California, and President Bush is left to... continue reading
Clinton's We Decade? "From Bush it is more of the same, a laissez-faire embrace of the free markets, a scarcely subtle survival-of-the-fittest signal. The Republicans, it is clear, see nothing wrong with extending the Me decade indefinitely; no matter that Reagan's trickle-down nostrums, which were supposed to lift all boats, lifted only yachts....But the core of Clinton's economic vision is distinguishable from the President's and is perhaps best described as a call for a We decade; not the old I-am-my- brother's-keeper brand of traditional Democratic liberalism, but an acknowledgment that the interconnectedness of global economics requires that many prosper, or... continue reading