Notable Quotables

The Clinton Plan's Flaw: Not Enough Taxes "Although most of the new taxes will be borne by the rich, as Mr. Clinton's Technicolor pie charts showed, the package comes nowhere close to undoing Ronald Reagan's tax breaks for the wealthy. It leaves the tax burden in the United States far less onerous than those in most other Western nations. If the electorate is as serious as it tells itself it is about eliminating the deficit and cutting the national debt, it will eventually have to accept far more than this modest effort to increase revenues." - New York Times Washington... continue reading
Erroneous Reagan Reasoning "But how is it that Mr. Reagan could make compromises on the way to his goals and be remembered as a man of principle, while Mr. Clinton does the same and becomes known as a compromiser? Mr. Reagan did not just get away with compromises. He got away with whoppers - huge, erroneous statements about how Reaganomics would produce simultaneous growth and deficit reduction." - New York Times reporter Thomas Friedman, July 25 "Week in Review" section. Hillary The Centrist? "Myth: Hillary takes her cues from Marx (and it ain't Groucho) and is at the core of... continue reading
Free in France "Here in France, they have created a child care system that would amaze most Americans. Every child in this country, from the richest family down to the poorest, gets a chance at the same high standard of day care, preschool, and health care. Not only is it free, or at low cost to everyone, but the quality is better than what most youngsters get in the United States....Next fall, Benjamin will be able to leave the [government nursery] and move on to the next stage of the French government's child care system, the cole maternelle, or preschool,... continue reading
Differing Spins on the Same Poll "He's sounding tougher. He's acting friendlier to the press. And the polls show his long downward slide is ending." - Chris Wallace citing a new ABC News- Washington Post poll on Clinton, June 29 Nightline . Disapproval of Clinton's Performance Reaches new high in Post-ABC Poll - Headline of Washington Post story on the same poll, next morning. Those Pesky Anti-Tax Republicans "Doesn't Clinton deserve some credit here for beginning to tackle the problem of getting people to pay taxes? I mean, for 12 years in this country, it's become patriotic not to pay... continue reading
The Greedy '90s "The deregulated airline industry has come up with another way to save money and boost profits. This time they're not cutting jobs or in-flight meals. No, this time they're cutting fresh air. Flight crews and passengers say it's enough to make you sick." - Dan Rather, June 9 CBS Evening News . Fire Gumbel & Split His $2 Million Salary Among 20 New Producers "The Reagan Administration used to boast they created a lot of jobs. Most of those were menial jobs that were quickly dissipated by a quadrupled budget deficit. How do you suggest we make... continue reading
Dan Rather's Burning Love for the Clintons "If we could be one-hundredth as great as you and Hillary Rodham Clinton have been in the White House, we'd take it right now and walk away winners...Thank you very much and tell Mrs. Clinton we respect her and we're pulling for her." - Dan Rather talking via satellite to President Clinton about his new on-air partnership with Connie Chung at a CBS affiliates meeting, May 27. Making a Myth: Lower Overall Spending in the Clinton Plan "Three months after Mr. Clinton outlined his plan to cut the deficit, by a combination of... continue reading
Margaret Carlson: President of the Hillary Fan Club "As the icon of American womanhood, she is the medium through which the remaining anxieties over feminism are being played out....Perhaps in addition to the other items on her agenda, Hillary Rodham Clinton will define for women that magical spot where the important work of the world and love and children and an inner life all come together. Like Ginger Rogers, she will do everything her partner does, only backward and in high heels, and with what was missing in [Lee] Atwater - a lot of heart." - Time White House correspondent... continue reading
NBC's Anita Hill Double Standard "Were any of Clarence Thomas' real qualifications ever examined?. ..Did the White House package him and sell him to the public?... In your book, you say that the White House organized women's groups to support Thomas and that that was somehow manufactured. Can you tell us about that?" - Questions from then-Sunday Today co-host Mary Alice Williams to liberal Newsday reporter Timothy Phelps on his pro-Anita Hill book Capitol Games , July 5, 1992. "You do, though, Mr. Brock, have some innate biases, don't you? I mean, The American Spectator is an ultraconservative magazine. And... continue reading
CBS: Clinton Budget Supporters "The Senate Republicans are threatening to block the President's other big proposal, the $16 billion job creation program." - Anchor Connie Chung, CBS Evening News , April 1. Chung: "The government says the unemployment rate held at 7 percent last month. Held up in the Senate is President Clinton's $16 billion plan to bring unemployment down. Opponents are blocking a final vote. From Capitol Hill, Bob Schieffer reports on the traffic jam on jobs. Schieffer: "...For sure the tie-up couldn't have come at a worse time: in New York, today's gloomy economic news contributed to the... continue reading
Gumbel's March Madness "Are you not guilty of holding President Clinton to a tougher standard than you did two Republican Presidents who over the last 12 years quadrupled the national debt?" - Today co-host Bryant Gumbel to Senator Bob Dole, March 2. "You claim the debt problem actually began with Lyndon Johnson... But he was fighting the Vietnam War and that was most of his problem?...So he had a good reason." "...I'm not sure there's a grade low enough for this next one: Ronald Reagan. He spoke regularly of balancing the budget, but he broke the bank. In return for... continue reading