Notable Quotables

Who's More Menacing? "Menacing undertones: The troopers are silenced for now, but Clinton's political enemies may be just regrouping. Arkansas attorney Cliff Jackson, who represents Perry and Patterson, circulated an 'open letter' to the President last week that, while couched as an apology for inflicting 'public pain,' had menacing undertones. Referring to Clinton's 'casual willingness to deceive,' Jackson warned darkly that the presidency is at stake if Clinton doesn't change his `fundamental nature.'" - Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift, January 10 story on Clinton reaction to troopers' sex allegations. "Jackson has become Clinton's nemesis, his Lex Luthor. 'I regard him as... continue reading
Talk About a Media Bias Conspiracy... " The American Spectator broke the story, as Gwen mentioned, because they're a very right-wing ideological publication....What really happened was there was a conspiracy, in my opinion, by right-wingers, including some right-wing journalists, to press this newspaper [the Los Angeles Times ] into running this story before it was ready to, trying to get it out, and so they spread the rumor all around town that I had threatened to resign if it did run...I know one of the guys who was spreading it: Brit Hume of ABC, who covers the White House, who... continue reading
Surprise - You Got A Middle-Class Tax Cut! "There has been something quite unusual, and admirable, about the first year of Bill Clinton's presidency. He has expended great gobs of political capital on issues - deficit reduction, free trade (for starters) - that yield him no immediate political gain...The White House has even figured out, belatedly, how to sell last summer's budget deal: there really was a middle-class tax cut after all. It was called the Earned Income Tax Credit, designed to help the working poor." - Newsweek Senior Writer Joe Klein, November 29. Carville's Greedy '90s "[Campaign manager James]... continue reading
The Reagan Years Oppressed Me "I don't shield my politics in this book, as I do in much of my journalism, as I've been disciplined to do. The Reagan years oppressed me because of the callousness and the greed and the hard-hearted attitude toward people who have very little in this society, so all of that came together at around age 40 for me." - New York Times editorial page editor and former Washington bureau chief Howell Raines in an interview discussing his book Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis , on the PBS talk show Charlie Rose , November... continue reading
Newsweek Pundits on the Election: Whoops "Florio will win substantially. Whitman's offer of a 30 percent tax cut, she lost all credibility. Last year's hustle doesn't work. Supply-side economics is dead." - Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift, October 16 McLaughlin Group . "Whitman tried a Ronald Reagan rerun and proposed a 30 percent tax cut. The lost revenue could be made up by cost-saving devices, such as no longer giving free Adidas sneakers to prison inmates. A decade after Reagan, New Jersey's voters aren't buying government by apocryphal anecdote." - Clift in Newsweek , October 25. "I think actually there's a... continue reading
New Jersey: Florio Right on Taxes "Many voters across the country no longer believe it when they are told taxes will go down. Furthermore, taxpayers, say some analysts, have come to accept they have to pay for government that works." - ABC reporter Jim Hickey on the New Jersey Governor's race, October 7 World News Tonight . New York City: About White Fear "The election is about homelessness and crime and the problems America's big cities all face. But it is also about something else, race and fear. White fear, inspired by a middle-class, soft-spoken mayor....This is, again, not an... continue reading
What We've Been Saying All Along "I think we are aware, as everybody who works in the media is, that the old stereotype of the liberal bent happens to be true, and we're making a concerted effort to really look for more from the other, without being ponderous or lecturing or trying to convert people to another way of thinking." - ABC World News Tonight Executive Producer Emily Rooney, September 27 Electronic Media . I Found My Thrill on Hillary's Hill "She came, she saw, she wowed them. It was standing room only, and when the photographers saw her, it... continue reading
Dan's Tough Interview "When you walked in it was pretty clear you were excited, but also a little nervous. Am I right about that?" "Next week begins the hard, really hard chore of trying to sell this to Congress and you'll be the lead-off witness. Are you nervous about that?" "You've been working hard already to introduce this plan to people, sell this plan to people. Are you having any fun with this or is it all just hard work? It looks to be very hard work." "I hear you talking, and as I have before on this subject, I... continue reading
Health Care Fantasies "Though many analysts are skeptical of the administration's numbers, they say universal health care will save the government money...In all, some $31 billion a year could be saved by shifting insurance costs for the working poor and elderly from the government to their employers." - ABC reporter Jim Angle, September 2 World News Tonight . "White House officials said today the plan will require almost no new taxes. Most of the funding will come from employers who will be required to pay into a state system." - CBS reporter Linda Douglass, September 1 Evening News . The... continue reading
The Pope's Not Hip "There are some who say he would have been more comfortable in the 5th century, but some theologians say that really, some of the 5th century Popes were more progressive than John Paul II." - CBS reporter Jerry Bowen on Sunday Morning , August 15. "Pope John Paul II may have slowed down a step or two, but this Pope, who's often combined a personal warmth with a theological rigidity that seemed at odds with the times, isn't done yet." - CBS Evening News reporter Mark Phillips, August 11. "But as he left Colorado to fly... continue reading