Notable Quotables

Extremists on the March "[Oliver] North had recruited legions of ultraconservatives and members of the religious right who are delighted with his promise to shake up Washington and fight for family values." - ABC reporter Mike von Fremd, June 3 World News Tonight . "[California Gov. Pete] Wilson's neophyte challenger, ultra-conservative computer whiz Ron Unz, spent $2 million of his own money and wound up with a surprising third of the vote." - CBS reporter Bill Whitaker on CBS This Morning , June 8. "Dolley Madison McKenna is a moderate Republican. But hold on - she feels like a stranger... continue reading
Hey, What's A Little Corruption Among the Powerful? "Here's the latest Clinton plot twist: Can Dan Rostenkowski prod the big health care plan through his Ways and Means Committee before he's indicted on low-rent financial-irregularities charges?" - Time Senior Editor Bruce Handy, May 30. "Are the charges here so serious as to bring down one of the most powerful men in Washington and in Congress?...What's involved is perhaps what, fifty-some thousand dollars in stamps and some phantom jobs for friends?...The contrast, here, though, is a guy who passes bills or is shepherding bills that are worth billions of dollars risking... continue reading
Newsweek's Harassment Hypocrisy "But [attorney Bob] Bennett says he has 'people coming out of the woodwork' to discredit Jones and her story. He need look no further than Jones' brother-in-law, Mark Brown...'She went with one man and when she got there, she spotted another one. She goes right up to him, puts her leg between the legs of the other man and rubs herself up and down on him...Promiscuity? Good gosh. Her mother is fixing to get the shock of her life when Paula's life comes out...She went out and had herself a good time. I've seen her at the... continue reading
Media Euphoria After the First Whiner Speaks "Hillary Rodham Clinton today, summoned the White House press to, as you can see, that meeting in the Lincoln Room at the White House. And she was cool, articulate, and for the most part very responsive to all questions." - Tom Brokaw after Hillary Clinton's press conference, April 22 NBC News special. "Women around this country will find this undoubtedly important: `We have had some difficulty adjusting, we're transitional figures.' She points out, that in her view, the country is having some difficulty adjusting to a working woman in the role of First... continue reading
Hailing Harry Blackmun "He was a lifelong Republican, but over the years, Harry Blackmun built a reputation as a liberal, sometimes defiant Justice, whose fierce protection of individual rights led some to anoint him the moral conscience of the court." - Judy Woodruff on CNN's Inside Politics , April 6. "As you know, Justice Blackmun was widely regarded as the conscience of the court. How damaging is his loss?" - Bryant Gumbel to Senators Patrick Leahy and Hank Brown, April 6 Today . "[Blackmun] underwent a highly public evolution from conservative to liberal jurist, becoming one of the court's most... continue reading
Licking Up Clinton's Sweat "To watch this President connect with people emotionally is an awesome thing. It's a raw, needy, palpable, electrifying thing that happens. There was no smile. It's as if he's soaking up the people like he's soaking up the sun, with the warmth pouring deep and direct into his political soul and recharging him, refilling him somehow once again with his own humanity and some sense of his role in the destiny of his country. Then, the hunger slaked, the great beast of Need fed once again, it seemed you could almost see the gratitude pouring off... continue reading
Hating the 80s: It Never Ends "Money, not ideology, is the reason all modern spies sell out, according to one Senate intelligence committee study. Ames was strapped by a divorce settlement, and greed was a national pastime in the mid-80s." - Newsweek Washington Bureau Chief Evan Thomas, March 7. "The President had to play defense after reports of two more secret briefings that White House officials received months ago. The subject of those briefings: Clinton family ties to an Arkansas banking and real estate deal that went sour in the go-go '80s." - Dan Rather, March 3 CBS Evening News... continue reading
Loading Up for Limbaugh "There is very little in the press accounts to suggest that he is, above all, a sophisticated propagandist, an avatar of the politics of meanness and envy....Limbaugh is defending the successful against the impudent demands of the poor; by making all that funny, he gives the comfortable a way to think that greed and a cold-hearted wit comprise a cohesive ideology....his style is pure demagoguery. Just as Reagan talked of welfare queens in Cadillacs, Limbaugh seizes on the absurd detail, gives it an absurdist twist of his own, and sends it out into the world under... continue reading
Fiction Roundup: The President's "Tight" Budget "The budget President Clinton submits to Congress Monday will be one of the tightest in memory, while his initiatives will mean cuts for some popular programs." - Front-page "Inside" plug, February 6 Washington Post . "The Clinton budget goes to Capitol Hill, and from the President on down, the administration goes all out to defend one of the tightest fiscal proposals in memory." - CNN anchor Judy Woodruff beginning Inside Politics , February 7. "Topic A this morning, the President's budget. Mr. Clinton is catching flak from the right and the left over the... continue reading
Maureen Dowd Admits the Obvious "In a celebrated Rolling Stone interview, the President lost it and ranted about how he had 'not gotten one damn bit of credit from the knee-jerk liberal press, and I am sick and tired of it, and you can put that in the damn article.' (Yes, that's the same knee-jerk liberal press that helped get him elected.)" - New York Times reporter Maureen Dowd in The New York Times Magazine , January 23. Downplaying Whitewater "The beauty of the special counsel is that he or she has to prove criminal wrongdoing, and not only criminal... continue reading