Notable Quotables

White House Shooting: Talk Radio Inspired? "There's so much talk of voter anger out there, Mr. Panetta. Do you think in any way that contributes to a climate where the President is not safe?" - Today co-host Bryant Gumbel, October 31. "Did the Secret Service ask him as to whether there might have been connection with the, he was mad about the President signing the crime bill? - CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer, October 30. The Last-Minute Clinton Spin Patrol "Presiding over the signing of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty is just the latest in a string of foreign... continue reading
Even Reporters Can't Think of a Clinton Accomplishment "The Democrats are being blamed more than Republicans because they ran in 1992 saying, `If you elect us we will get all of these things done. We'll have a Democratic White House, we'll have a Democratic Congress, and all of the gridlock you saw in the past will fade away.' Instead, they look like the gang that couldn't shoot straight, they can't get anything through. Now that's not exactly true, because in fact they've gotten a lot of things through, important things like, uh, uh, I can't think of any right now."... continue reading
Contract with America: Republican Sucker Bait "Today, GOP congressional candidates were summoned to Washington and given a battle plan. However, as NBC's Lisa Myers tells us tonight, it is long on promises and short on sound premises." - NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw, September 27. "A cheap-trick wish list written by Republican members of the House." - U.S. News & World Report Co-Editor Michael Ruby, October 3. "The ploy would be a political coup, except for one problem: Gingrich's list is just a collection of GOP golden oldies that pander to the public's desire to get something for nothing... continue reading
Just In from Mars "I don't think the national press is hostile to Dan Quayle any more than it is to Bill Clinton or any other politician." - Newsweek 's Eleanor Clift on CNN's Crossfire , September 8. White House Plane Crash: Blame Reagan, Tom Clancy "And if you want to talk about who messed up the air traffic controllers, we could go back a couple of administrations." - Time Washington reporter Elaine Shannon on the Fox Morning News , September 12. "Some people are saying that this incident is eerily reminiscent of a novel by Tom Clancy called Debt... continue reading
Why Would Anyone Leave Cuba? It's a Worker's Paradise "Back then, the island may have been a thorn in Washington's side, but it was a beacon of success for much of Latin America and the Third World. For decades, Cuba's health care and education systems were touted as great achievements of the revolution....Some say the trade ban has never given Cuba a chance to see whether or not Castro's socialism might work." - CBS' Giselle Fernandez, September 4 Evening News . "Welcome to Fidel Castro's playground, Cuba's Caribbean paradise few have seen, a Cuba the commandante is now inviting the... continue reading
The Starr Chamber "There is growing controversy tonight, about whether the newly named independent counsel in the Whitewater case is independent or a Republican partisan allied with a get-Clinton movement. Among the questions about Kenneth Starr are these: the involvement of anti-Clinton activists in pushing for Starr's appointment to replace Robert Fiske. Also, Starr's public stand actively supporting a woman's current lawsuit against the President. This is a potentially important and explosive story, correspondent Rita Braver has the latest." - Dan Rather on the August 8 CBS Evening News . "Questions abound about how and why Republican Kenneth Starr suddenly... continue reading
Want Fewer Divorces? Then Raise Taxes "One standard conservative argument against antipoverty policies is their cost: taxes burden the affluent and thus, by lowering work incentive, reduce economic output. But if one goal of the policy is to bolster monogamy, then making the affluent less so would help. Monogamy is threatened not just by poverty in an absolute sense but also by the relative wealth of the rich. This is what lures a young woman to a wealthy married or formerly married man. It is also what makes the man who attracts her feel too good for just one wife... continue reading
The Gump From Hope? "No one would accuse Bill Clinton of being a slow-witted cipher or a sexual naif like Gump. Yet what is likable about this fictional hero (and magnified further by the irresistible Mr. Hanks) harks back to what many saw, or thought they saw, in the boyish Mr. Clinton as he, like Forrest Gump, caught fire with an American public hungry for inspiration two years ago...[Gump] is neither bitter nor cynical, but a healing figure, eager to put his and his country's past behind him to embrace idealism and hope. Isn't that what many Clinton voters felt... continue reading
Rush Limbaugh: Look Who's Lecturing "Why does anyone take Rush Limbaugh seriously?...He's entertaining. But, come on, he is to truthfulness as President Clinton is to faithfulness - he has but a passing acquaintance with it. He's toying with you, folks, getting you all riled up with a stew of half-truths and non-truths. He's making fools of you, feeding you swill - and you're taking it in....So keep listening if you want. But just remember that he's a charlatan." - Former NBC News President Michael Gartner in a USA Today column, July 12. vs. "We remain convinced that taken in its... continue reading
Nicole Simpson: Another Anita Hill "There's one thing that may come out of this, and it may be premature to say, but I feel a little as if it's the analogue to the Anita Hill thing. As that brought sexual harassment and really the women-in-power issue, because there were no women on the Judiciary Committee, into the forefront. That's the one good thing that can come out of this." - MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour essayist Anne Taylor Fleming, June 20. Paula Jones: Not Anita Hill "Sam, 'not trying to hurt the President'? Did she say that with a straight face?...Why does anyone... continue reading