Notable Quotables

Someday, Hawaii Might Become the 50th State "President Clinton will be attending more ceremonies in Hawaii marking V-J Day, Victory over Japan. Saturday, Mr. Clinton went to a ceremony on a hill high above Honolulu. He praised those who served in the military 50 years ago, saying they saved the world. After today's ceremonies marking the end of World War II, President Clinton will head back to the United States." - NBC anchor Giselle Fernandez, September 3 Today . More Insight From Miss Hawaii "Let's touch on your hard stands against affirmative action. You were Governor during the Los Angeles... continue reading
Failing to Help CBS Democrats "So why not stay in the Senate with your party and restore - if it's all broken, have you no responsibility to even your Democratic constituents from New Jersey who work right within this building?" - CBS This Morning co-host Harry Smith to Senator Bill Bradley who announced he will not seek re-election, August 17. Gephardt and Daschle: The Media's Middle "The Democrats can offer only a cacophony of views, ranging from the leftist tract of [Jesse] Jackson to the more centrist perspectives of House minority leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri and Senate minority leader... continue reading
Republicans Will Kill You "Safe food, safe water, safe air, safe transportation. You have this protection now, but you might be about to lose it. Why? Watch a special In Depth report on NBC Nightly News tomorrow." - Promo at the end of NBC Nightly News , July 17. "There will be change, but most hope the original intent of the law will not be lost. Because if the plants and animals can't survive, what future is there for the human species?" - NBC reporter Roger O'Neil concluding a story on proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act, July 28... continue reading
Bad News for Humans "A passionate and out-of-character defense of animals produced our Moment of the Week this week. It was Thursday on the floor of the House of Representatives. In the midst of a week that saw close to $10 billion in proposed cuts, House Speaker Newt Gingrich suddenly rose in defense of a comparatively tiny $800,000. But the cause was apparently dear to him, preserving endangered animals....Humans, however, didn't fare that well: funding for the National Endowment for the Arts was voted out of existence in two years." - NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, July 15. More... continue reading
Lost in Space "Its story line could be a Republican parable about 1995 America: A marvelous vessel loses its power and speeds toward extinction, until it's saved by a team of heroic white men. I can imagine the political commercials in which Hanks morphs into Phil Gramm. Although the movie's publicity trumpets its historical accuracy, the movie itself celebrates the paradisiacal America invoked by Ronald Reagan and Pat Buchanan - an America where men were men, women were subservient, and people of color kept out of the damn way." - John Powers writing about Apollo 13 in The Washington Post... continue reading
Bob Franken, Meet Bob Franken "One quick point is the use of the word `cut.' He should know that it's not a word that I use. I use, in fact, `a cutback in projected spending.' That's usually the term I use." - CNN reporter Bob Franken responding to a conservative caller on C-SPAN's Sunday Journal , June 11 vs. "Skeptics say that's the sound of Republicans trying to sugarcoat the inevitable cuts in Medicare spending." - Franken on CNN's Inside Politics , May 1. "Democrats are well aware that Republicans face a furious assault from angry senior citizens, that they're... continue reading
That About Sums It Up "President Clinton will outline his version of a plan he says will balance the federal budget in ten years without what Mr. Clinton sees as a radical and extremist Republican plan to gut programs that help the old, the young, and the poor in order to bankroll tax giveaways to the rich. Republicans, of course, see it a different way." - Dan Rather before CBS News coverage of President Clinton's budget address, June 13. "Tax reductions are just one area of disagreement. The President wants cuts for the middle class. The Republicans favor breaks for... continue reading
...And Why Did We Support Clinton in '92? "This time around, why are we leaving such critical decisions, then, up to the Republicans? Why didn't we come up with another more perhaps realistic deficit reduction budget plan?" - NBC weekend Today co-host Giselle Fernandez to Labor Secretary Robert Reich, May 20. Stupid Tax and Budget Cuts "It's too bad, because he's actually one of the better chairmen. I mean he's a terrific lawmaker. He's been a statesman in the last couple of years, and he would be an important force, for instance, in stopping the Senate from passing this stupid... continue reading
A Healing Media Avoid Fearmongering "The House Republican budget bloodletting will infuriate lots of people. Besides the Medicare cuts, Medicaid, the government health plan for the poor, loses $184 billion." - CNN reporter Bob Franken on Inside Politics , May 9. "Senate Budget Chairman Pete Domenici, R-N.M., unveiled a seven- year budget blueprint that would....Make huge cuts in Medicare and Medicaid." - USA Today reporter William M. Welch, May 10. "Senate Republicans yesterday offered a politically daring and far-reaching plan to balance the budget by 2002 by substantially reducing Medicare and Medicaid...." - Washington Post 's Eric Pianin, May 10... continue reading
SPECIAL PURVEYORS OF HATE & DIVISION ISSUE Oklahoma City: Conservative Talk Radio's Fault? "In a nation that has entertained and appalled itself for years with hot talk on the radio and the campaign trail, the inflamed rhetoric of the '90s is suddenly an unindicted co-conspirator in the blast." - Time Senior Writer Richard Lacayo, May 8. "Mr. Panetta, there's been a lot of anti-government rhetoric, it comes over talk radio, it comes from various quarters. Do you think that that somehow has led these people to commit this act, do they feed on that kind of rhetoric, and what impact... continue reading