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Maria Shriver: Did the Homework, Failed the Test Tim Russert: "How long did you take to prepare for that interview?" Maria Shriver: "A couple of weeks, about two or three weeks, and I read everything. I memorized that book up and down. I memorized everything that was written about Whitewater, about Travelgate, about Hillary Clinton, about First Ladies....You want to admire her, and yet you're a journalist and you have to ask her these tough questions, you have to be skeptical, and you can't just come on and do this like `Oh, you're so wonderful' interview." - Maria Shriver on... continue reading
Hillary's Tough Media Scrutiny "You also quote a letter in [It Takes a Village] that Nelson Mandela wrote to one of his daughters while he was in prison, and I'm paraphrasing a bit, but he wrote that there is no personal misfortune that one cannot turn into a personal triumph if one has the iron will and the necessary skills. You clearly have an iron will, you clearly are skilled. How are you going to turn this personal misfortune into a personal triumph?" "You think government should do a lot more than it's doing in terms of making children a... continue reading
Minister Gumbel's Morning Sermons "They obviously haven't heard there's still bad news coming out of Washington, where it seems we've not only got hard-headedness at work, but some hard-heartedness too." - Today co-host Bryant Gumbel on jubilant fans outside the studio, December 29. "Then we're going to look to the continuing government shutdown. Although some legislators have foolishly suggested the fact that we are going on about our business despite the absence of the workers says maybe they weren't needed anyway. We will show you how some average Americans are suffering every day as a result of what is now... continue reading
Beyond Pathetic "Monuments and national parks are shut. So are museums. A long-awaited rare exhibit of the Dutch painter Vermeer at the National Gallery, eight years in the making, is closed. And the shutdown now has a human face. Joe Skattleberry and his wife Lisa both work for the government. Both have been furloughed. They can't afford a Christmas tree." - ABC reporter Jack Smith, December 22 World News Tonight , the fifth day of the shutdown. Dan Rather: All Dork, All the Time "I'm all news, all the time. Full power, tall tower. I want to break in when... continue reading
Gergen: Working Both Sides "Congress now seems intent on imposing new burdens upon the poor, the elderly, and vulnerable children while, incredibly, delivering a windfall for the wealthy....This assault doesn't even count the $270 billion reduction in projected spending for Medicare that is frightening senior citizens and could further squeeze public hospitals." - U.S. News Editor-at-Large David Gergen, November 13 back page column. vs. "The Democrats were soon up to old tricks, splattering the GOP plan with charges of gutting Medicare, student loans and environmental protections - charges wildly overstating the facts - and public opposition rapidly mounted." - Gergen's... continue reading
Pouting Over Powell "But what might have been is what is so intriguing: shrink the safety net, he was saying, but look out for the children. Cut the programs, but don't shut out the people at the bottom.... Abortion, no. But protect the bearer of the child and allow that person to decide. It was the glimpse of these views from someone speaking from inside the Republican Party that might have made for change in American politics. For the last generation, the Republicans have moved even further to the right. Here with candor and some skill, it was a political... continue reading
Will the Lies Ever Stop? "And on a busy Saturday this morning, Jack, we're going to get to the very latest on Republicans' plan to slash the Medicare budget." - Today co-host Giselle Fernandez to co-host Jack Ford, October 14. "Republicans are predicting victory today when their plan to overhaul Medicare is put to a vote in the House. Last night, Democrats were still attacking the bill, which slashes $270 billion in Medicare spending." - CBS This Morning news anchor Jane Robelot, October 19. "Are the Republicans most vulnerable here because they want to make these big cuts in Medicare... continue reading
Let's Leave Out the Inconvenient Speeches "Though not without controversy, it's expected to be the biggest rally ever in the nation's capital. Organizers are viewing the march as a peaceful time of atonement for African-American men, a time of reconciliation, a time of personal responsibility, and a time of healing today." - Bryant Gumbel opening the October 16 Today , the morning of the Million Man March. "Responding to a common problem, hundreds of thousands of black men gathered in a peaceful rally of prayer and atonement and were encouraged to go home and make a difference...very peaceful, it was... continue reading
No, Ito Didn't Underestimate the White Jurors Either "In his written ruling, Ito said, I'm quoting here, `The court finds the probative value of the remaining examples,' those not allowed, `substantially and overwhelmingly outweighed by the danger of undue prejudice.' Do you think Ito has underestimated the intellectual capacity of this jury because it is black-majority?" - Today co-host Bryant Gumbel to O.J. Simpson lawyer Alan Dershowitz on Judge Ito's ruling that admitted only two of Mark Fuhrman's racial slurs, September 1. Lying More Than Johnnie Cochran "On Close Up this morning, Medicare. Republicans in Congress are beginning to detail... continue reading
Why CBS This Morning Is In Third Place Co-Host Harry Smith: "This mornings Big Story: the Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and the Republican majority will take on Medicare this week, hoping to cut the growth in spending for the program, but their proposed cuts are so deep they have the President threatening a veto....The question is, will the cuts or the reduction in spending that you all are talking about, can you do it all with increasing the premiums?" Newt Gingrich: "Let me start and say to you, I dont know how to win this discussion, OK? No,... continue reading