Notable Quotables

If Clinton Turns Down the Christian Coalition, It's An Insult to Christians? "Dole had been invited speak to the [NAACP] convention yesterday, but declined. He claimed he was already committed to campaigning and the All-Star baseball game. To those at this convention, this was quite a stretch and an insult to African-American voters....By not showing up here, Bob Dole may reinforce those racial divides along party lines and fuel the anxiety among some Republicans that in this presidential campaign, Bob Dole might not be up to the challenge." - NBC reporter Jim Miklaszewski, July 10 Nightly News . Margaret's Gossip... continue reading
Vote for Clinton: He's Not Venal, Just Incompetent "Leon Panetta's explanation is plausible to me only because back then, in 1993, there was mistake after mistake like this. And the reasons usually were incompetence rather than venality." - NPR White House reporter Mara Liasson discussing Filegate on CNN's Late Edition, June 9. "They are the White House and there was a legitimate reason for them to try to get their files in order. They made a mistake, or this guy who was a military attache whose job it was to try to put this in order made a mistake. When... continue reading
Stand for the Status Quo Joan Lunden: "But it seems like there's more money being spent for the environment, or for the gun lobby, there are a lot of different groups together, not always in agreement. The federal government's talking about turning over a lot of the social programs to the states. What kind of programs, what do you think is the best way to approach this?" Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children's Defense Fund and organizer of the Stand for Children march: "Well the first thing is we've got to make a commitment and that's why... Lunden, simultaneously:... continue reading
Wishing Away Whitewater Whitewater is sort of diminishing, sort of fading away, it's kind of a shadowy thing now, it's going away." - PBS Washington Week in Review moderator Ken Bode on May 24, four days before the convictions of Clinton's business partners. "After all the right wing's huffing and puffing, the Whitewater `scandal' is dying out in wisps of smoke. President Clinton's main accuser, David Hale, is currently tangled up in his own lies at a Whitewater trial in Little Rock. Hale has had two years in the witness protection program to practice his story, and it didn't survive... continue reading
Dan vs. Dan "Just as the U.S. economy looked like it might be headed into winter hibernation, it suddenly sprang to life. The government reports today that the Gross Domestic Product grew in the first quarter of this year at a brisk annual rate of 2.8 percent." - Dan Rather on the May 2 CBS Evening News . vs. "The country, it now appears, may be pulling out of the recession. If so, it is doing so very slowly. The Commerce Department says the economy grew in the first quarter of this year at an annual rate of two percent... continue reading
The Sinister Gas Price Conspiracy... "Good evening. It's the question every American driver is asking with every trip to the pump. Why is the price of gasoline going up and up and up. Is it the free market at work, the law of supply and demand? Or, is it greed, or possibly even something more sinister?" - Dan Rather, April 30. ...But If Clinton Raises Beef Prices, It's Helpful "President Clinton is giving some election-year help to America's ranchers and farmers. The President took action today to try to boost cattle prices, which have fallen to their lowest level in... continue reading
Unabomber: Really a Swell Guy "He wasn't a hypocrite. He lived as he wrote. His manifesto, and there are a lot of things in it that I would agree with and a lot of other people would, that industrialization and pollution all are terrible things, but he carried it to an extreme, and obviously murder is something that is far beyond any political philosophy, but he had a bike. He didn't have any plumbing, he didn't have any electricity." - Time Washington reporter Elaine Shannon on C-SPAN's Sunday Journal , April 7. "I can't bring myself to hate the Unabomber... continue reading
A Fond Forbes Farewell "Mr. Kemp, at a time when the Republican Party seems to be determined to be united, doesn't your endorsement of Mr. Forbes seem rather divisive?" - Peter Jennings to Jack Kemp, March 6 World News Tonight . "Forbes's persistence matches that of the movement he champions. For despite being largely discredited and banished by the political and economic establishment, supply-sideism has refused to disappear." - Washington Post reporter Glenn Frankel in a front page story, March 12. The McVeigh Update: Conservatives Still Incite Violence "The torching of black churches throughout the South punctuates the ugly rhetoric... continue reading
Pat Buchanan's Free Ride New York Times Washington Bureau Chief R.W. Apple: "But to hear poor Pat crying about how badly he's being treated." CNN anchor Bernard Shaw: "I'm surprised he said that with a straight face." Apple: "He gets such a free ride from people." - Exchange on CNN's Reliable Sources, February 18. Reality Check: "Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Russian ultra-nationalist, embarrassed Pat Buchanan today by embracing him as an ideological soulmate. `Today,' said Zhirinovsky, `there is a presidential candidate in America who is not afraid to speak the truth, that truly the Congress of the United States is an... continue reading
Time Out! Eric Engberg's Story CBS reporter Eric Engberg: "Steve Forbes pitches his flat tax scheme as an economic elixir good for everything that ails us....It's the kind of optimistic message people want to believe. But experts have trouble with many of Forbes' specific promises, like how the flat tax would boost economic growth." Steve Forbes: "By removing obstacles, starting with the tax code, we are capable of growing at twice that rate." Engberg: "Time out! Economists say nothing like that has ever actually happened...Forbes claims taxes can be lowered without adding to the deficit....That was called supply-side economics under... continue reading